UnderGround Forums I want Hendrix to win the first 3 rounds....

3/20/13 3:43 PM
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So then GSP will have to finish him to win the fight

Would love to know what GSP would do to step it up a notch

Would he throw down recklessly?? Phone Post
3/20/13 3:46 PM
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This situation is the only one I care to watch gsp in. One where he has to Finnish to win. But sadly I don't think that will ever happen. Phone Post
3/20/13 3:50 PM
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Miraculously no one seems to want to throw caution to the wind when they face him... but everyone expects him to do just that and will whine when they can't get anything going in 5 rounds.

Hendricks will be finished because he'll open up, make a mistake, and GSP will capitalize on it. If he doesn't - it will be another straightforward 5 round dominating win.

I really enjoyed watching the last fight - and GSP fighting in general because I appreciate the clinical way in which his opponents are dissected, and their chances of victory are taken away almost completely.