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12/28/12 6:33 PM
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Is there anyone you didn't like and they changed your opinion by doing something? Phone Post
12/28/12 6:38 PM
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I wasn't a Hendo fan until he splattered Bisping.
12/28/12 6:52 PM
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I wasn't a fan of Chuck Liddell until he retired. I started watching MMA b/c of Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock 1..always a big fan of Tito and hated Chuck. Since he retired though, I've got nothing but respect and admiration for his career. Phone Post
12/28/12 6:52 PM
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I wasn't a Seagal fan until he saved the UFC, martial arts in general and then on Dec 21, the world. Phone Post
12/28/12 6:54 PM
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when Bisping spit on Riveras corner I became a fan. I thought he was acting before
12/28/12 6:56 PM
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Bisping lost me as a fan in his fight with Hammil where he obviously lost and acted like it wasn't even close and that he demolished him. I continued to dislike him through TUF with Hendo, and when he spit during the Rivera fight.

He has slowly won me over with his persistence and continued improvement. There are times that I still dislike him, but he has gained my respect.

AS has gained my respect by fighting like AS. I still want to see someone beat him, but that is the fun of this sport sometimes is rooting for something.

12/28/12 6:57 PM
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Didn't remember when I started liking bisping, but I use to hate him until I started noticing how hard he fights. His cardio is the best in the game and he's got one hell of a heart. Ultimately, he won me over bc he's a true fighter. Watching him on tuf against miller solidified my fandom Phone Post
12/28/12 7:13 PM
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I wasn't a fan of Royce Gracie, back in the day. This skinny punk kept beating guys from arts I adored! When he beat Jason Delucia (Red Sash in Kung Fu), my martial arts realities had been shattered.

Later on, when my brain took over and I started to appreciate ground technique, I became a fan.
12/28/12 7:16 PM
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I wasn't a fan of Maynard until the Guida fight...

I wasn't a fan of Bisping until the Sonnen fight..

12/28/12 7:19 PM
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nick diaz nut hugger -

I wasn't a Fitch fan until he beat Erick Silva's ass

This. Phone Post
12/28/12 7:19 PM
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Frank shamrock until he got his braces off. Phone Post
12/28/12 8:52 PM
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Became a Cain fan when he destroyed Brock. Phone Post
12/28/12 8:56 PM
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I wasn't a fan of Wanderlei until he stepped in for Fedor and entered the HW Grand Prix. I had felt he got his butt whooped by Vitor, only to get lucky and fight Dan Henderson on short notice, headbutted to win against Guy Mezger whom was my favorite, and I was bitter about him beating Sakuraba, even though he did so fair and square. I felt he was touted as more than he was, while being fed a whole bunch of easy Japanese competition.


Then he stepped in and more than held his own against Iron head and barely beat Hunt imo, despite suriving the Atomic Butt Drop. He's now one of my favorite fighters.

12/28/12 9:04 PM
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I wasn't a fan of Rory (hated him actually) until he crushed my hero BJ Penn :(
He earned my respect. I know alot of butthurt BJ fans hate him because of it, but for me its the oposite. He looked great, and it was like a passing of the torch fight for me.

War Rory!

12/28/12 9:12 PM
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I didnt like BJ until the Ken Flo fight Phone Post
12/28/12 9:22 PM
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I hated Leben until I saw Zombie Leben in the Terry Martin fight, then his heart in the Aaron Simpson and Akiyama fights back to back.
12/28/12 10:05 PM
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I was far from a Chael fan once cause I really thought he was an asshole. But seeing Joe's podcast with Chael and a couple of other videos it made me realize he was just hyping/selling the fight. The dude is actually pretty cool and hilarous. Phone Post
12/28/12 10:12 PM
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I wasn't a fan of KJ Noons until after the second Diaz fight when they buried the hatchet.
I wasn't a huge fan of Diaz until I read his Riggs/hospital story, and listened to his Sherdog interviews.
Edited: 12/28/12 10:22 PM
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I wasn't a fan of Seth Baczynski until he posted on a thread shitting all over him for the fake tap thing. I felt for the guy plus didn't Tim Mackenzie have some beef with Nick Diaz and the CGJJ crew? so if he happened to fake tap to him Imma let it slide.
12/28/12 10:32 PM
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Didn't like Tito until I went to one of his seminars.

He was a great bloke, and an awesome teacher. Phone Post
12/28/12 11:09 PM
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Rabid Bunyip - I wasn't a Seagal fan until he saved the UFC, martial arts in general and then on Dec 21, the world. Phone Post
Lol! Segal could front kick the fiscal cliff if he took time. Phone Post
12/28/12 11:10 PM
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wasnt a fan of nate while he was on tuf, he was kind of annoying. always liked nick tho Phone Post
12/28/12 11:31 PM
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Fedor KO'd Andrei Phone Post
12/29/12 12:00 AM
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Rabid Bunyip - I wasn't a Seagal fan until he saved the UFC, martial arts in general and then on Dec 21, the world. Phone Post
http://youtu.be/Z58QzaF_-rM Phone Post
12/29/12 12:14 AM
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I wasn't a fan of Karo until he told me who he was, bro.