UnderGround Forums I watched Bellator live on Thursday AMA.

2/24/13 12:15 PM
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Watched the fights live in Salt Lake..

I have been to dozens of local shows and 5 UFC events. Can't remember a more fun night.

Very hard to top a Tito Ortiz entrance live (not sure exactly but the crowd goes bananas) and overall the entrances in the UFC are way better, but outside of that Bellator puts on a very good live show.

Feel free to ask me anything about their event. Phone Post
2/24/13 1:28 PM
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Biggest reception was rad (hometown).

Kept the fans entertained in between fights by showing fun stuff on the big screen.

Crowd went CRAZY when King Mo got knocked out.

It was weird- not sure how to explain it, but it felt so much more real than other fights I've been to.

Lima is really good.

Bijorn/Bidork as Dana calls him is tall Phone Post
2/24/13 1:36 PM
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It was a fun night... although I hated the fact that everyone got up and left right when Rad got knocked out. Phone Post
2/24/13 1:36 PM
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I can't find any vid for Slack/Tyler.  Can you post something?

2/24/13 2:21 PM
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Yeah.. The place went silent and then everyone left quickly.

Don't have any video.

Was weird when the ring announcer was telling the crowd to go crazy and scoot in for the cameras - not that I blame them Phone Post
2/24/13 2:25 PM
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Limas overhand right is crazy fast & powerful Phone Post
2/24/13 3:19 PM
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Where were you sitting?

Rebney is a giant. I was surprised when I saw him.

I was pretty annoyed that they didn't announce that the Slack/Tyler fight was going to be after the main event until after the main event was already over. A lot of people were wondering of it had just been cancelled. Phone Post
2/24/13 3:45 PM
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Here is the best part. I have spent anywhere from $150-350 on UFC tickets over the years and I will go again for sure.

I don't know if it was because it was close to where I live (Sandy, UT) but it was nice only paying $42. I got done with some work things, picked up a friend and bought a ticket at the door.

I was sitting in the back section. Could see really well. The maverick center is not that big. Phone Post
2/24/13 10:15 PM
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TTT Phone Post