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2/2/13 2:10 PM
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Ian McCall: To be alive, I'm determined to die


Steph Daniels recently published the latest in a long and unending string of compelling interviews with MMA figures, this time with Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall.

"(Demetrious Johnson) is so nice, but at the same time, he's just so boring and dull that people aren't connecting with him very well. I've always been the first person to say that he's a lot nicer in person than I am. He's a great guy. Him and his wife are really nice people. I just think it's going to take either me or Joe (Benavidez) to go out there and beat him up and then make the world happy."


"Obviously, the fans are the ones that pay my bills. They're the reason I have a job and get paid the amount of money that I do. I'm here to put my life on the line. That is not my favorite way of people thinking, and people shouldn't fight just enough to get a win, but then you will always have the George St-Pierres and the Demetrious Johnsons.

"I read a lot of Japanese samurai literature, so my theory is engage in combat, fully determined to die, and you will be alive. It's a balancing act. You have to be technical, you have to be exciting, but you have to win your fights. There is a happy medium. You can do it all. I don't fight to play it safe. I fight to hurt my opponent as badly as possible without going to jail."

Read entire article...

McCall fights Joseph Benavidez on the main card of UFC 156 Saturday night.

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Go Uncle Creepy! Phone Post
2/2/13 2:17 PM
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Good luck UNCLE , put all your recent demons to the side and perform to your best !!!
Team McCall . Phone Post
2/2/13 2:20 PM
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Hot damn! Do your thing tonight Uncle Creepy!!! Phone Post
2/2/13 2:42 PM
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Thanks so much UG blog! Voted up!

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PM sent to you crooks, please can you sort that for me.

2/2/13 2:50 PM
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Pumped to see Creepy get his first UFC win! Phone Post
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Love this. Phone Post
2/2/13 3:19 PM
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Amazing Phone Post
2/2/13 3:28 PM
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"It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knee's."
2/2/13 4:22 PM
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War Vitor McCall! Phone Post
2/2/13 5:07 PM
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i was 100% with ya creepy, until the jab at gsp..

2/2/13 5:17 PM
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Woot woot uncle creepy! 2013 Phone Post
2/2/13 5:24 PM
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Its gonna be a CREEPY ASS NIGHT!

WAR UC! Phone Post
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War Uncle Creepy!
2/2/13 6:15 PM
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I love when fighters embrace the school of thought/metanlity Ian is referring to.  That is what Dana White is talking about when he refers to someone who is a "fighter".

Good luck Uncle Creepy.

2/2/13 6:56 PM
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Ian McCall shit talking? I don't recall this side of him... Phone Post
2/2/13 6:59 PM
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"I read some samurai books. I embody budo."

JK. Like the comments about a happy medium, like controlled aggression I think.
Don't like the jabs at DJ and GSP...
2/2/13 7:22 PM
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War Ian Phone Post