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8/24/14 11:14 PM
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Comes back and wins a fight.. That would be incredible... But if he wins the title.... Well I honestly think that would be one of the most inspiring and compelling narratives in sports history. Not just our sport, all sport. It would be incredible and brilliant for mma, the sport we all love.
I believe! Phone Post 3.0
8/24/14 11:23 PM
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Yo'Diggity Phone Post
8/24/14 11:25 PM
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I wouldn't hold your breath.

8/24/14 11:25 PM
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IMO John Lester battling cancer then coming back is as inspiring as it gets. Thats just me though and I hate baseball Phone Post
8/24/14 11:26 PM
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If he wins? I think he'll most likely defeat Nick Diaz in January.

The question is...will he have to take another fight or two after Diaz before getting a third fight with Weidman. My guess is he will as there's really no rush to get him back into the cage with a very dangerous opponent.

Then again, Vitor could win in December and they could do Silva vs. Belfort II Phone Post 3.0
8/24/14 11:26 PM
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He won't win the title but I think he will win some fights. Phone Post 3.0
8/24/14 11:32 PM
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Plus Weidman has a bunch of interesting potential opponents lining up... Vitor, Jacare, Rockhold, Romero. Hell, maybe even Leites if he gets another big win Phone Post 3.0
8/25/14 12:45 PM
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If he beats nick at this point it will be amazing. He is pushing 40 with a surgically repaired leg and his reflexes will be slower. He will have ring rust and going against a much younger fighter. A win against anyone when he comes back will be impressive Phone Post 3.0
8/25/14 2:25 PM
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I agree! I pray to all the gods he pulls it off! But dam he's coming back too soon Phone Post 3.0
8/25/14 2:37 PM
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I hope he fights bisping at some point Phone Post 3.0
8/25/14 2:43 PM
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TheRealGaff - I agree! I pray to all the gods he pulls it off! But dam he's coming back too soon Phone Post 3.0
He doesn't have much choice because of his age. Honestly if he loses I pray he hangs them up and doesn't go out with some embarrassing loses. Phone Post 3.0