UnderGround Forums If like to see Cain vs Mir

12/28/12 3:53 AM
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After JDS clobbers Cain on Saturday and Mir gets KO'd by Danny Cormier, I believe those two will be on a collision course that will be completely inevitable. Phone Post
12/28/12 4:10 AM
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Thanks for sharing. Phone Post
12/28/12 4:30 AM
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Well, this is an MMA forum. Isn't that indicative of MMA discussion? So how about hearing your prediction on this fight? Phone Post
12/28/12 6:13 AM
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Last time you said someone was going to be clobbered it was Lombard by Palhares; so I'm changing my mind about Cain vs. JDS. Phone Post
12/28/12 6:13 AM
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RIP Mir Phone Post
12/28/12 9:01 AM
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this match up thats the shit i don't like!! #chiefkeefvoice

i don' t want to see mir getting smashed again!! Phone Post
12/30/12 2:22 AM
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Mir would die by Cain's hands. Wrong again, OP. (me) Phone Post