UnderGround Forums If you love GSP, but Hate Askren, tell me why

3/18/13 7:42 PM
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Is it because competition?

Askren is younger, give him time. Compare Askren's first 11 fights to GSP's, how do they stack up?

They both win fights by neutralizing their opponents-no?


If GSP has more skill on the stand up, he relies on his wrestling to dictate fights more than his stand up, even when he's facing guys whose wrestling is their strengths.


Look forward to hearing some good reasoning.

3/18/13 7:47 PM
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Canada, the end.

3/18/13 7:49 PM
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Vote me down - 

Canada, the end.

Most def....the end

3/18/13 7:49 PM
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There are levels of boring Phone Post
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8 finishes vs 5 finishes.........in their first 11 fights

3/18/13 7:51 PM
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LOL..we made basically the same thread almost at the same time...

3/18/13 7:51 PM
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one guy has six straight decisions in the ufc. the other had 6 straight decisions in bellator, before his most recent fight.

Askren may or may not get there at some point, but he isn't gsp now, and he's not cmparable to first 11 fight GSP either, imo.

3/18/13 7:52 PM
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Good to see D241 still has his hate boner for GSP. Chump. Phone Post
3/18/13 7:53 PM
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Neither of them have an extremely exciting style, but GSP will strike sometimes. He can bust out some pretty cool stuff from time to time though, like that headkick outta nowhere that he landed on Shields. Even though he never throws with full power, those superman punches, (failed) spinning back kick attempts and stiff jabs are more exciting than anything Ben does, in my opinion. Askren's TKO in his last fight was nice to see, though.

But most of all it's personality. Askren comes across as a straight up douchenozzle.
3/18/13 7:54 PM
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It's the hair. Phone Post
3/18/13 7:57 PM
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Doctor NPD - Don't you get bored of bitching about the same fighter day in, day out?

Why don't you join the discussion instead of trying to find hate. I'm not trying to find hate, I'm trying to find understanding.



3/18/13 7:59 PM
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also, i don't love gsp, but hate askren. I want to love GSP, but he continually disappoints me with his lack of killer instinct. Askren, meh. I'll get more of an opinion of him when I know he is fighting the best every time out. 


..but there is a difference in the two guys skillsets and performances

3/18/13 7:59 PM
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The Gumball Kid - 

lol, vtfu

3/18/13 8:00 PM
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3/18/13 8:03 PM
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ufc98newb - 

8 finishes vs 5 finishes.........in their first 11 fights

So your argument is that GSP finishes more.


Your stat is correct, however GSP lost his 8th fight, while Askren is on his 11th. So that stat would back up your argument that you care more about finishes than winning.


I guess my next question, is GSP one of your favorite fighters?




Also-Even taking into consideration of GSP's loss(not much shame losing to Prime Matt Hughes in that fashion), GSP's first 11 opponents look a lot better right now than Askrens do.

3/18/13 8:03 PM
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I like both. But at least askren has a reason, ya know? His personality is better as well. I wouldny pay just to see either tbh lol.
3/18/13 8:04 PM
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you don't have to reply again ufc98newb, your last reply answered the one I just asked.


3/18/13 8:05 PM
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I enjoy Ben Askren fights.  The reason I don't like him is that he talks way too much shit for someone of his stature, whereas Georges is eternally humble despite being top 3 GOAT.

3/18/13 8:06 PM
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For me, I just personally dislike Askren. I mean, I don't know the guy, but every interview I've seen of him I haven't liked his attitude. As for their fighting styles, I find Askren more boring, but probably just because I'm a GSP fan, if that makes sense. I will say, I'm pretty sick of getting excited for GSP fights, only to be disappointed.
3/18/13 8:07 PM
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3/18/13 8:10 PM
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ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh -

I enjoy Ben Askren fights.  The reason I don't like him is that he talks way too much shit for someone of his stature, whereas Georges is eternally humble despite being top 3 GOAT.

I disagree the guy amazes people and is funky as hell watch him train with shields after like two years of mma. He doesn't need a takedown cause he gets taken down than funks it up and somehow ends up on top and than GSPs people. Can stop the flat face Phone Post
3/18/13 8:15 PM
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Anderson's BBC in my Goku - 

LOL..we made basically the same thread almost at the same time...

My bad dude. Great minds think alike.

I made this thread and it was complete, I just didn't hit the post button. I went to go grab some dinner for my g/f and her kid and came back and hit the post button. It would've been made about 30 minutes earlier.

3/18/13 8:54 PM
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Rantuckjr - Thick


I believe ur on the wrong thread... the 'Petition to Bring Back Cole Konrad' thread is the next aisle over. Phone Post
3/18/13 9:03 PM
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Anderson Emelianenko GOAT - GSP couldn't finish Dan Hardy, so I don't know why people bring up the competition level.

Anderson couldn't finish a Thales Leites who got the shot by choking Drew Mcfedries. I'm going to use that to discredit the overall competition level of Anderson Silva because that doesn't seem retarded at all.
3/18/13 9:06 PM
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TopGrinder -  Who the fuck has askren beat. If he came to the UFC dude would be exposed worse than hector Lombard when he had that crazy 25 win streak Phone Post

Dan Hornbuckle, Lyman Good, Nick Thompson, Douglas Lima, Jay Heiron.

You can't say that Askren is ducking anyone in Bellator. He's beating everyone they've put in front of him.

Would you say Hector Lombard's weakness in the UFC has been his wrestling?