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2/2/13 11:20 AM
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And boob free but more importantly I'm officially cancer free!!
Because of My Tap Cancer Out fundraising with Caseharts, actually because of Pescy many of you have been following my case, and offering your support. I just want to thank everyone so much!! Especially Pescy, Caseharts, Vixen, 303, Wreckker, Fracture, Sakuraba, 2jupes, Cindy, Frank, DS, and sooo many others. Im sorry i cant name everyone. If you don't know here's a little quick synapsis. FRAT Warning:
Years ago I had cancer, Hodgkins Lymphoma, which I was treated for and beat. Fuck you Cancer!! One of the long term side effects from the treatment i had is secondary cancer. I've had a few scares over the years but nothing major. Some routine tests after a car accident i had recently showed shit in my right breast. Sorry no tit pics. (actually i did a pretty funny photoshop of what ill look like with fake boobs on another thread. Feel free to repost) My Regular oncologist sent me to the best breast oncologist ever and after several tests it was concluded that i would need a double mastectomy. Which I had this Monday. It was a brutal 8 hour surgery and doctors removed everything including few lymph nodes. I'm hurting like a sonofabitch. But im now home and got the news that were multiple tumors but all of these fuckers were precancerous! So No chemo or radiation needed like we had Thought! I'm officially cancer free!!!!
I'm so fucking happy!! Praise Allah and Hallelujah!!! There's been lots of tears the past few days, but these are happy!!

I'm actually a really private person and this
all started on the UG bc Before this mess I started to raise money for Tap Cancer Out which is a non profit organization that raises money for cancer orgs on behalf of the BJJ and grappling community. Their recipient this year is going to being the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so I was very excited to raise money for them bc i also fundraise for LLS. After I started to go through all of the breast cancer bullshit I wanted to make even more money. I have threads going where people can donate or buy raffles to win a BJJ picture Caseharts donated. I can't post link now but I'll bump threads. Going to keep raffle going for at least another week. So if anyone still wants to donate there's still time.

But in this thread I just really want to thank the UG for the support and well wishes. So thank you Pescy for blabbing all over the place about all of this. I'm so glad he did bc every single one of the get well and fuck cancer wishes meant so much to me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Fuck the UG and FUCK CANCER!!!!

-Kristen Brown Phone Post
2/2/13 11:21 AM
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1st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/2/13 11:21 AM
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Hell yeah! Glad to hear the good news! Phone Post
2/2/13 11:23 AM
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jmacdoug - awesome


2/2/13 11:25 AM
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Very happy for you, fuck cancer!
2/2/13 11:26 AM
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2/2/13 11:27 AM
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Fuck cancer Phone Post
2/2/13 11:27 AM
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Great news! Glad to hear that you are cancer free that is awesome.

2/2/13 11:28 AM
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Awesome news. Congrats and best wishes.

Oh, and fuck cancer.
2/2/13 11:28 AM
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Great news. Very happy for you. Phone Post
2/2/13 11:29 AM
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Great news :) Phone Post
2/2/13 11:48 AM
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Fantastic! Alleluia!
2/2/13 11:49 AM
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best wishes

2/2/13 11:50 AM
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Thanks Guys!! Phone Post
2/2/13 11:52 AM
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That's wonderful.. I'm very happy that you ARE going to be okay.

Fucking sucks that you've had to go through all of this though. I had no idea.

Stay strong, stay positive. If you need anything, holla. The UG is here for you. Phone Post
2/2/13 11:53 AM
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2/2/13 12:01 PM
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That is fking amazing!  so happy for you KRS!!!!  


one tough lady!

2/2/13 12:02 PM
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Congrats! Awesome to hear! Phone Post
2/2/13 12:05 PM
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Cancer tapped out!!!!!! Phone Post
2/2/13 12:08 PM
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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Phone Post
2/2/13 12:08 PM
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enjoy yourself!

2/2/13 12:11 PM
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Fucking Pescy The "town Crier" ... Here ye here ye , KRS is cancer Free!!! Phone Post