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Whats up UG? 

Interested in free/signed shirts? I am going to be giving away all kinds of shirts and "stuff" on this new website called Sqor. Sqor is basically the NEXT BIG THING in regards to social media... much like twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. I want to DOMINATE and have the most followers, so I am going to give away free shirts (signed if you would like). So how do you win? You just need to....

1) Sign up at Sqor.com, its free and takes about 30 seconds.

2) Follow me! http://j-lau.com/SqorJL

3) Win Stuff.

I will be choosing random followers in some cases, and having SUPER EASY contests to win in others. If you are interested, come join my army. If not, its cool... we can still be UG brothers. The sooner you join though... the sooner you could be winning stuff. Right now I have just 31 followers... so your odds of winning are better while numbers are so low. So don't waste any time!

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Also, that first link is linked to the wrong site. Just a typo I think.

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Lauzon! Phone Post 3.0
6/22/14 8:04 PM
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Bad link Joe Phone Post 3.0
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Babyhand - Bad link Joe Phone Post 3.0
Click the second one Phone Post 3.0
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zebers3 - 

Also, that first link is linked to the wrong site. Just a typo I think.

fixed it. thanks! 

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anyone that wins from the UG, may or may not get a shirt addressed to KKM. 

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Done! Phone Post 3.0
6/22/14 8:25 PM
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signed up! good to see ya on here Joe! vtfu bruh Phone Post 3.0
6/22/14 8:25 PM
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Ttt keep killing it joe Phone Post 3.0
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I'll take one
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Hey joe if you get a chance check out boxrun.org

A friend of mine and Canadian amateur boxing legend is running cross country to raise money for childhood cancer. Not sure if it would be possible but I think the two of you could help each others charitys/fundraisers out. GSP is meeting up with him in Montreal. Dont know, just a thought. Phone Post 3.0
6/22/14 8:38 PM
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In Phone Post 3.0
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Damn i hate social media but i love me some jlau !!! So im in ! Oh joe btw one of my my coaches josh hesser says hi , he told me how u beat him with the Calf slicer at a dragons lair grappling tourney in natick mass Phone Post 3.0
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A signed shirt from Joe would be my most treasured mma collectable. I'm in Joe.
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Hmmm? they got Meisha Tate listed as a mens Featherweight.
6/22/14 8:59 PM
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In, now gimme

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Is that site broken? I am getting internal server error when trying to sign up Phone Post 3.0
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ya got one more now.

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In for PC...phone keeps freezing up Phone Post 3.0
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Done! Phone Post 3.0