UnderGround Forums Is Michael Chandelier really...

4/19/18 5:48 AM
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...polished enough to shine brightly in the UFC?

Not trying to cast shade but I'm just not sure if Michael shines brightly enough to be anything other than a dim bulb in the UFC's light-weight division.

I know he hangs well with the best of them but Chandelier just doesn't have the design chops to steal the spotlight from so many stars. I know he lights up the room when he's on but when he's off all I see is darkness.

He lost to a 7-0 Brent Primus fer crissakes.

4/19/18 5:53 AM
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Chandler's foot was about to fall off during the fight with Primus. He's top 5 in the world imo. Lightweight's so fucking deep that it's hard to say he'd be champ but I'd love to see him in the UFC. 

4/19/18 6:02 AM
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Chandler vs Poirier. God damn! 

4/19/18 6:41 AM
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Will Brooks made him quit with strikes standing, keep that in mind.

4/19/18 6:44 AM
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I think he might be too worn down at this stage of his career for UFC guys I feel like his run would go similarly to Lombards in terms of the inconsistency and "past it" look.
4/19/18 7:16 AM
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The joke went right over these heads.

4/19/18 7:24 AM
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PragmaticSkill -

The joke went right over these heads.

No they're right.

Chandelier definitely hasn't hit his ceiling yet. He might be dangling in the top ten but we won't know if his skills will crystallize into something spectacular unless the UFC gives him a spot at the dinner table.

4/19/18 7:45 AM
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4/19/18 7:46 AM
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Lol that was an intelligence test and 3 of 4 failed miserably. Im sorry guys Ive failed.
4/19/18 8:48 AM
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4/19/18 8:52 AM
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I think Chandler would do well in the UFC, but who wants the nails of Reebok money. WME is so fucking clueless, and it should be historic waste of 4 billion dollars. They have no idea what they are doing. Bellator will be the premier mma org sooner rather than later.

4/19/18 8:53 AM
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Bales. Not nails. Fuck auto correct.

4/19/18 10:15 AM
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Gotta bump this gem.

4/19/18 10:26 AM
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I like Chandler and have been following him for awhile but I think his biggest challenge would be performing the same under the usada

4/19/18 11:03 AM
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He would lose to usada before entering the octogan. 

4/19/18 11:49 AM
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Lol This thread is illuminating.

4/19/18 12:15 PM
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and the hits just keep on coming!

Edited: 4/19/18 12:36 PM
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PragmaticSkill -

The joke went right over these heads.

It may as well broken earths orbit as far as these guys catching on. 

4/19/18 1:12 PM
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Unstoppable Bellator guys go to the UFC and look like a shadow of their former selves. Yet, top UFC guys go over to Bellator and get thrown around like children. 


Wonder why this is....? Can't be that one league has better comp than the other. Must be something else that is different....

4/19/18 1:18 PM
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PragmaticSkill -

The joke went right over these heads.

The play on words chandelier/ shine brightly? Maybe it just wasn’t funny enough to warrant commenting on. 


4/19/18 1:43 PM
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Mike is world class

4/19/18 2:15 PM
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Morgz -
PragmaticSkill -

The joke went right over these heads.

The play on words chandelier/ shine brightly? Maybe it just wasn’t funny enough to warrant commenting on. 


Even when they get it, they still don't get it.

4/19/18 2:18 PM
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Yeah. right over our heads. Awesome. 

4/19/18 2:19 PM
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Why are we talking about this

The guy will be in Bellator for as long as he's around and Bellator is around

4/19/18 2:50 PM
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155lbs is the deepest division in all of MMA, Not just UFC. There are guys still on the regional circuit that could pick off guys in the UFC Top 10. Chandler could absolutely come over and hang with the top 5.