UnderGround Forums Is Tor really the beast?

1/9/13 10:34 PM
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I recall Bloody Elbow posting that they think the beast in the house that has everyone shitting is Tor before the cast was announced. Now he is officially announced as a cast member. Is this guy the death dealer? Phone Post
1/9/13 10:36 PM
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It's the black guy second from the right in the picture on the front page.
1/9/13 10:39 PM
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Actually it's the guy that Dana made up in order to have people care about another shit season
1/9/13 10:50 PM
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Philip Nover was supposed to be the next Anderson Silva Phone Post
1/9/13 10:56 PM
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If this one guy us so much better than the rest then didn't somebody do a pretty bad job of casting this season? This is going to be the first season that would have been better if the coaches didn't fight at the end. TUF has fallen a long ways since the first few seasons but I stuck with it right up until the injury announcement was made last season. I am going to save myself a few hours and not even start this season. Phone Post
1/10/13 2:57 AM
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TX_432 -  Philip Nover was supposed to be the next Anderson Silva Phone Post

Close.... it was GSP.
1/10/13 3:05 AM
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Probably not Tor, great fighter but not the "beast" type Phone Post
1/10/13 8:10 AM
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Uriah hall Phone Post
1/10/13 9:07 AM
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Lol @ Kevin Casey. The dude was managed by spencer Pratt and he promoted spencer to purple and himself I
Black without his instructors
Permission Phone Post