UnderGround Forums It's my birthday, but I have a gift for you *VIDS*

4/24/13 9:56 PM
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Check it out here.

In addition to these 5 kickass free techniques I'm also going to bitch slap Bisping for ya'll on Saturday.

Sorry to all you Bisping fans, he's a tough fighter, but he's just flat out disrespectful. If you want to see some of the techniques I've been training to use in this fight then check this out:

I'm releasing my first DVD set on how to do some of the best UFC level BJJ and MMA techniques that got me to where I am today. It's called "The Immunity Course" and will allow you to learn how to become immune to submissions and finishing position, like I had to become in order to fight Rousimar Toquinho Palhares.

It's a 6 disc set with hours of techniques, and tons of bonus footage. To kick it off I have 5 free videos for you to stream right now and get an idea of what's on here:

Video #1 "Lock and Load"

Video #2 "Keep Em Stuck"

Video#3: "Go For The Kill"

Video#4: "911 Triangle Defense"

Video #5: Heel Hook Destroyer

There's even some bonus footage of me doing some training with Bellator tournament Champ Douglas Lima, and UFC Contender Brian Stann.
4/24/13 10:02 PM
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I like you and Bisping so it sucks that one of you will lose.

Happy birthday! 

4/24/13 10:03 PM
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Happy birthday fren! Good luck this weekend, bring it as always

4/24/13 10:04 PM
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Happy Birthday. gl
4/24/13 10:05 PM
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Happy birthday.

Your dad goes into my buddy's store in Illinois and my buddy mentioned I was a UFC fan and your dad came back with a personalized autographed picture from you made out to me.

So thank you for being awesome. And thank you for winning me money this Saturday.
4/24/13 10:06 PM
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Thanks! Good luck sat, throw up the UG sign Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 10:06 PM
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In, happy birthday. Phone Post
4/24/13 10:07 PM
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Kid Charlemagne - Thanks! Good luck sat, throw up the UG sign Phone Post 3.0

4/24/13 10:08 PM
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Well now that you've said you would, if you don't open hand slap Bisping we will be highly upset. Make sure it happens at some point in the fight. Open. Hand. Slap.
4/24/13 10:10 PM
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Happy birthday Alan!

Looking forward to see you kick Bisping's ass on Saturday! Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 10:11 PM
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I hope you put busping to sleep he's a royal asswhole Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 10:50 PM
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Happy B-Day bro. Can't wait till you kick Bisping's ass on Saturday. Phone Post
4/24/13 10:52 PM
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4/24/13 10:55 PM
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4/24/13 10:56 PM
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Happy Birthday Talent and good luck on Saturday. I'll be rooting for you here in Toronto Phone Post
4/24/13 11:01 PM
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Happy Birthday!

4/24/13 11:05 PM
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Please beat the living shit out of Bisping. Happy birthday!
4/24/13 11:05 PM
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Just let you birthday bro. Phone Post
4/24/13 11:07 PM
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Lol I read the VIDS as aids. Thought you said you had aids for us.

Happy bday Phone Post
4/24/13 11:12 PM
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Happy Birthday Phone Post 3.0
4/24/13 11:13 PM
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HBD!  Def in for the bitch slap!

4/24/13 11:14 PM
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Happy birthday! Good luck against Bisping! Bring us another highlight like the one Dan Henderson did! Phone Post
4/25/13 2:17 AM
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That will bring you many more fans and make the ones you have explode with excitement and happiness!

Nothing is better than seeing bispoo grt smashed!! Phone Post
4/25/13 2:31 AM
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Happy bday fellow Taurean.

4/25/13 6:31 AM
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Alan, your fight with Paul Harris was one of my favorite fights of last year. I think you can beat Bisping anywhere. Phone Post 3.0