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11/13/17 10:45 PM
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TJ Desantis is the next to hit the chopping block. Goodbye SRN. 


11/13/17 10:46 PM
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11/13/17 10:48 PM
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Fun fact) 

Jeff was working at Boeing and was a movie reviewer when he created Sherdog.com.

11/13/17 11:03 PM
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Ufc must have decided that that place needed to be ended. This place is next.
11/13/17 11:06 PM
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Hey Bro - Ufc must have decided that that place needed to be ended. This place is next.

Nope. Never.

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I used to listen to all the round tables back in the day... but they stopped doing them for anything but the PPV cards, so I just stopped completely. My favorites were the ones with Marcelo Alonso for the first couple Brazil cards talking about all camps, the stadium, etc. Good times.

11/13/17 11:26 PM
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crowbar -

Fun fact) 

Jeff was working at Boeing and was a movie reviewer when he created Sherdog.com.

Pshh, okay. Was he in a strip mall, teaching deadly ridgehand techniques, like I'm imagining Kirik doing before he created the UG? Uhm, no, didn't think so!

11/13/17 11:45 PM
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Jeff worked for Sherdog after he sold it and they kinda hosed him down the road.

11/14/17 12:06 AM
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When a co-worker suggested to Jeff Sherwood that he use his free time as a computer technician at Boeing to make a website,the California native decided to make one about the burgeoning sport of MMA,and almost as an after-thought he also decided to add his high school nickname to the title.That was in 1997 when the internet was just starting to become widespread,and Sherwood likely had no idea that his "Sherdog's UFC Fan Page" would someday evolve into Sherdog.com,the sport's preeminent news website.

The first ever Sherdog interview was with then UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten,then slowly more and more content was added to the site.Fans from around the globe,excited to have someplace to talk about their new favorite sport,would send him photos from different UFC and MMA events.When a student named Garrett Poe offered him some highlight videos that he crafted,Sherwood put them on the site,and the response was so overwhelming that Sherdog crashed.Poe eventually became Sherwood's business partner.

Since that time Sherdog has grown immensely,and it's combination of news articles,radio shows, photo and video galleries,as well as the hugely popular Fight Finder, have made it the world's most visited MMA news website,with hits nearly double that of its nearest competitor.In 2009 Sherdog became the official MMA content provider to ESPN.com, and later that year Sherwood sold Sherdog to CraveOnline for a figure reported to be in the several millions of dollars range.
11/14/17 12:16 AM
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I've always hated the writing on Sherdog (definition of preachy) and the forums on Sherdog (definition of illiterate mouthbreather) but they at least had the fight finder going for the longest time and I used to use it all the time. 

For the last couple years or so their site has been so spammed full of ads and popups that it barely loads on my computer with adblock on, and I have a nice computer that never has problems anywhere else. I was basically forced to start using wikipedia to look up fights and records and now it has a lot more information on there anyway.

Sayonara Sherdog, the ferry waits for no man.

11/14/17 5:14 AM
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Anyone remember the Sherdog pic of the day ? It was always a random naked chick
11/14/17 6:04 AM
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I wonder what Jordan Breen will do? He is such a brain and entertaining. Not sure why they brought that new brotha into the mix, wasn’t digging him 

11/14/17 6:07 AM
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I used to exclusively do the forums on sherdog,up until my friend finally convinced me to switch to this website this year...should have switched a long time ago,Jordan Breen started taking over a lot of the podcasts and that guy is amazingly annoying,he thinks he is so damn funny that before he even tells one of his "jokes" he starts laughing really hard and builds it up like it's gonna be hilarious and then it falls on its face. Yeah I'd say it's been gone to most people since Jeff left
11/14/17 6:49 AM
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I think some people are being misled by the headline here.  It's the Sherdog Radio Network that's being canned, not the website.  According to Alexa.com it's still has the highest traffic in MMA, so its not going to fold. 

As purely a radio guy, TJ will have to move on (and I get the sense he's been laying the goundwork for this for a while), but I'd assume that Jordan Breen will just continue his regular job as Administrative Editor for the site.


11/14/17 7:02 AM
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Their video highlights got me really further into MMA many years ago.
11/14/17 7:21 AM
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I like Jordan Breen and he should hook up with Ariel.

They'd make a great team.

Breen on The Mma Beat would be sweet.

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I've been on Sherdog for probably 14 years now. The forums sucked but I like some of the content. Even in 14 years I think I only racked up maybe 5000 posts. I got offered a job one time running their forum back end but nothing ever really came of it. I was doing the same thing for the company that morphed into Vertical Scope at the time. 

11/14/17 7:49 AM
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Here's TJ's final live episode of Beatdown in which he goes into more detail about what's happened. 


Also, it only seems right to give his Paetron project 'Between Rounds Radio' a plug too:


11/14/17 8:24 AM
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MissRARA -
Hey Bro - Ufc must have decided that that place needed to be ended. This place is next.

Nope. Never.

This is all I needed. We are safe.
11/14/17 8:41 AM
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11/14/17 9:06 AM
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ShitDoggers Flooding The UG With Conor Threads Coming Soon

11/14/17 11:36 AM
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Used to listen to savage dog show and Josh Gross with TAGG radio as well MMA podcasting just really seems to have gone downhill over the years.

Spent most of my work days listening to MMA podcasts.
11/14/17 11:46 AM
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Sorry to see it go.


TJ and Jordan's podcasts were like my lifeline when I was first getting into MMA.


As much as people like to bitch about oversaturation and watered-down cards, they also take it for granted that the're's legit MMA to watch practically every week.


10-15 years ago, you had to wait months between events; listening to podcasts and scraping by on C-level events was how you got your fix.


I particularly remember when they got in the shit with UFC over the TUF spoiler and the open letter regarding steroids.

11/14/17 1:51 PM
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Sound Off with Ryan Bennett was still the best. RIP
11/14/17 2:16 PM
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I was banned from teh sherdog forums long long ago. Good times