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6/27/04 2:45 PM
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Alright, a lot of people have been talking shit lately about Judo. This shit talking ranges from tech name taking to judo fighters being insulted (yoshida, ogawa). So if you got your thoughts and position straight. State it here.
6/27/04 2:48 PM
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lol what a completely orignal thread idea!
6/27/04 2:48 PM
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Throughout Japanese history, martial arts have been associated with their culture. Under the Feudal System, several styles of Bujutsu (fighting art) such as Jujitsu and Kenjutsu were established by samurai warriors. After the Meiji Restoration and modernization, under the influence of Europian sports, some traditional styles of Bujutsu made rule systems and transformed themselves into competition sports such as Judo, Karate, and Kendo. At the same time, however, these competitions assumed the situation of No Holds Barred as the art of self-defence. Judo, which was established from several ryus of Jujitsu by Jigoro Kano, is the root of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, introduced by his student named Mitsuyo Maeda (aka Count Koma).
6/27/04 2:49 PM
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lol i wasn't around to see the other threads, KBeezy
6/27/04 2:51 PM
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HonkeyStyle, what website did you cut n' paste that from? lol Thanks for the history lesson.
6/27/04 2:58 PM
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This one... the Japan forum...
6/27/04 8:01 PM
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useless argument. BJJ practitioners, when using the gi, almost ALWAYS rely on Judo. My BJJ coach has like a purple belt in Judo I think. I'm pretty sure that even Nogueira must have studied it at one time-he just doesnt LIMIT himself to ONE ART, because thats SUICIDE...
6/27/04 8:49 PM
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"Main Entry: ju·do-ka Pronunciation: 'jü-(")dO-ka Function: noun Etymology: Japanese judOka, from ju "weakness," gentleness + ka "tripper" : an inexperienced grappler, prone to givng his or her back in competition at the first sign of danger. Synonyms: Cloth Faggot; Kimono Queen; Trip-Bitch; Canvas Slut " Wow talk about cutting an art down.... Your Father let me share a story before you get ready to go to war with wasa-b. Last sunday i was at my buddy's Judo school i was asked to roll around a bit with a few of the students i was showing a few of them some Bjj ground work the butterfly guard and such even tapping them at will but something cought my eye. I had one of the black belts in a triangle choke from the bottom and out of nowere he picks me up off the tatame runs full speed and dumps me on the crash pads. Moral of the story I know and can say i have yet to meet a judoka my size that can even amuse me on the mat but Just think when he picked me up in the air what if that crash pad was a store window or pavement? Give Judo some respect it may not be on the Level of bjj when it comes to groundwork but they do have throws and not every fight goes to the ground....
6/29/04 4:13 PM
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BJJ rules all
6/29/04 4:20 PM
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""Neither one is "better" "No, BJJ is definitely better. "" actually, he is right... NEITHER IS BETTER!!! Judo focuses on Controlling opponent standing and taking him down and controlling(pinning) opponent on the ground... BJJ focuses on ground work from all positions and submissions. neither is better than the other... To know both is best...
6/29/04 4:37 PM
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Finally, a thread about Bruce Lee.
6/29/04 5:07 PM
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Bruce Lee would have kicked Hoyce Gracie's ass.
6/29/04 5:33 PM
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"Cloth Faggot; Kimono Queen; Trip-Bitch; Canvas Slut" Best line from Your Father ever!!! "Trip-Bitch" is funny as hell, that's definitely what I call the next person who attempts ashiwaza on me! " what's the japanese name of the judo move where you defend a triangle by picking someone up and ramming them into something?" Cheap judo rule where if the sankaku reciever lifts the applier off the ground, they are reset.
6/29/04 5:35 PM
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It's called mae-ukemi. i.e, forward breakfall (with guy hanging around your neck).
6/29/04 5:45 PM
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No offense to judo, I deeply respect the art, but I do not think that picking someone up and slamming them on the ground when they are trying to triangle you is a judo technique in any way, shape or form. I would also be pissed off as hell if someone did that to me.
6/29/04 5:59 PM
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Picking people up is a standard Judo defense to the triangle. (Since a tournament match is restarted standing if this happens -- this is to *prevent* the slam.) Slamming after lifting your opponent from the ground is illegal under IJF rules. Judo is well aware of the slam. It's just considered too dangerous for competition.
6/29/04 6:23 PM
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I'm sure they are aware of it I just didn't think that was an example of judo's prowess since that technique, while effective, is in no way original to judo. Peace! -M
6/29/04 6:24 PM
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The only problem I have with training in Judo is that it seems like all the judo places around here are swarming with little kids and women. The thing I like about BJJ (apart from it being extremely effective) is that it is usually done by adults who are serious about it. But I think they definitly complement each other tremendously. I could use some judo-- because my takedowns are awful.
6/29/04 7:48 PM
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I was always taught in Judo/Sambo that the reason that the match is brough back to standing when one guy stands and pulls the other guy off the mat is that outside of a sporting environment the guy who pulled the other guy off the ground would be in a position to slam. Judo of course didn't invent the slam, nor does it allow slamming in competition, but this is the rationale for why the fight is brought back up to standing when on the ground the standing opponent pulls the other opponent off the mat.
6/29/04 7:53 PM
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"The only problem I have with training in Judo is that it seems like all the judo places around here are swarming with little kids and women." This is the main problem with Judo in the US -- it's very recreational. If the level of judo in the US was that of, say, Eastern Europe, there would be no shit-talking on MMA.tv about judo at all. Some of the best groundfighters I have ever faced were judo/sambo guys from countries with solid judo/sambo programs. There are about 10 or 20 judo clubs in the US which are good enough to create excellent players. None of these clubs would be ranked in the top 50 clubs in the world, by the way.
6/29/04 7:58 PM
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whats hilarious is that YF thinks he knows WTF he is tlaking about. guaranteed he is nothing more than some moron "know-it-all" at whaever academy he is at.. you know, the guy who recites all the facts and figures but cant actually do anything right... yea, ive run into guys like him a lot.. usually in the first round of some tournament they arent actually even remotely close to being able to do well in... lol. go ahead and diss on judo all you want to YF. i dont give a shit, truth is, if you were ever on the mat with me or anybody remotely like me-- youd shit you fuckin pants no matter what the style was or the rules of the place.
6/29/04 11:41 PM
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"why did you let him pick you up? A BJJ guy can do that." YF, i dont know i guess i just wanted to see what he was gonna do i mean he would not even worth tooling on the mat. I think the real problem with Judo's Groundwork is they dont use there legs as if they are there arms like bjj does. Judo people remind me of my TMA friend he will not add nor change his system of fighting for the world no matter how meny times he looses to me.
6/29/04 11:43 PM
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"useless argument. BJJ practitioners, when using the gi, almost ALWAYS rely on Judo. My BJJ coach has like a purple belt in Judo I think." Uh...there isn't a purple belt in Judo...
6/29/04 11:45 PM
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"Cheap judo rule where if the sankaku reciever lifts the applier off the ground, they are reset." ...actually they are reset if the receiver simply stands...
6/29/04 11:50 PM
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