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5/25/14 9:07 AM
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broken ankle or foot in first 30 seconds.. continued to fight on ,falling like 3 times cuz his ankle kept giving out.the crowd was stunned hands over their mouths in shock ect ,rousey and joe silva and others looked concerned.true definition of heart
5/25/14 9:09 AM
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Totally Phone Post 3.0
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This guy went for the finish fighting on a broken ankle. It's up there Youngblood playing with a broken leg and Emmitt playing with a separated shoulder. He fell down on his own how many time FFS?

This a heroic and herculean effort. Fuckin war Varner!
5/25/14 9:19 AM
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You know uncle Dana is taking care of him. That was so painful to watch, every time his ankle buckled we cringed, but Varner gutted it out and finished the round. So much heart! Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 10:13 AM
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#paytheman Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 12:23 PM
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Varner is a warrior. That was incredibly painful to watch. Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 12:31 PM
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Agreed Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 12:34 PM
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I was never really a fan of Varner but he hit that rough spot in his career, looked like he was totally done as a top fighter and considered retirement, then came back like a fucking gangster.

Win or lose Jamie keeps impressing.

The Barboza fight was a "holy shit" moment.
The Lauzon fight was FOTY.
Dominated Melvin when he was the underdog.
The Tibau fight was rough, Tibau was just too big and strong.
Trujillo fight was fucking INSANE.
Last night he was a god damn gladiator.

I'm sure Dana is taking care of him. If every fighter had a Jamie Varner mentality the UFC would skyrocket in popularity.
5/25/14 12:35 PM
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Varner is tough as nails, I was cringing just watching his leg buckle under him over and over. His corner should have stopped it sooner.
5/25/14 1:02 PM
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Abso-fuckin-lutely Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 1:18 PM
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Varner=fucking boss. Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 1:41 PM
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I was literally screaming at the ref to end it.  I could not imagine.


What a fucking beast.