UnderGround Forums Joe Riggs TRASHING Ken Pavia on TapouT Radio NOW.

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6/8/09 9:45 PM
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 Talking about how Pavia cheats fighters out of money....hires escorts....is practically stalking Riggs....poaches fighters from others camps...holy crap....it's getting GOOD.
6/8/09 10:04 PM
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all women are "escorts" when you get right down to it
6/8/09 10:06 PM
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 I suppose you could make that argument lol.
6/8/09 10:08 PM
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 I figure that is between Riggs and Pavia. Both have a version of what happened. I myself have no inside knowledge, so I'm not picking a side.

Hopefully they can come to some kind of understanding.
6/8/09 10:11 PM
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 A million Elvis fans can't be wrong.......about The Vag.
6/8/09 10:11 PM
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They say: if one person says it, consider it. If two people say it, believe it. If three people say it, know it.

Well, they don't say; I just created it. But they do say that if three people say something - in terms of interpersonal relationships - you should really listen.
6/8/09 10:16 PM
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 Oh there is definetly smoke. I just hesitate to make a judgement when it concerns verbal and or written agreements. Without first hand knowledge.
6/8/09 10:19 PM
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I know, mrzipplokk, but like you said - there's smoke. Even in a situation like this, when there are so many complaints - I think we can start to make our own conclusions.
6/8/09 10:23 PM
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6/8/09 10:23 PM
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 There are too many separate incidences and separate people saying the same thing for there not to be any merit to it IMO. And the DETAIL Joe Riggs went into in that interview was mind blowing.
6/8/09 10:24 PM
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i motion to ban the pav from mma.tv
6/8/09 10:25 PM
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Is Bob Cook okay with that story coming out? 
6/8/09 10:25 PM
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OriginalTUFer - Is Bob Cook okay with that story coming out? 

 Well, it's out there.....too late now lol.
6/8/09 10:26 PM
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6/8/09 10:26 PM
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Chomas - all women are "escorts" when you get right down to it

I totally agree
6/8/09 10:28 PM
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That is a crazy interview!
6/8/09 10:28 PM
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i credit the UG for this interview
6/8/09 10:28 PM
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 wow sagiv quick with this thread,, LOL
6/8/09 10:31 PM
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RickStorm -  wow sagiv quick with this thread,, LOL

 You know how I roll. :)
6/8/09 10:38 PM
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Thanks for this Sagiv! The interview was radio gold! Lol!
6/8/09 10:40 PM
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Radio Gold is the correct answer!

and funny as hell

6/8/09 10:41 PM
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Buffbetty - Thanks for this Sagiv! The interview was radio gold! Lol!

6/8/09 10:51 PM
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 Sagiv is the man, he is on top of shit. I also have to agree here that this is just way too many shady remarks about the Vag to just ignore it. i actually gave Vag the benefit of the doubt after our little battle on here, but this has me wondering. I will give him credit though for not hiding and coming on here to give his side of the story, no matter how fabricated it is. lol.
6/8/09 10:54 PM
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Does it really surprise anyone about Pavia? I have a friend who called this about him three years ago.