UnderGround Forums Joe Rogan live @ dancehouse theatre manchester

9/12/13 2:25 AM
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Only just heard and found out on his latest podcast so went to buy tickets and there was only 5 left so i go two of them for me and my mate and we cant even sit next each other lol.
I might have to sell them though because im not 100% i can make it but il keep it people update if i do.

Anyone else going? Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 2:28 AM
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Shit im tired sorry bout grammar mistakes Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 6:27 AM
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Solid Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 7:17 AM
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Tight Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 8:03 AM
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Hopefully they'll play "hey there Delilah," rogan does a sexy dance to that song. It is the DanceHouse. Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 8:10 AM
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This was my first thought when I heard Joe Rogan and DanceHouse in the same sentence. I saw him do this live a couple years ago and it was a little more dancey. Reorganize your schedule so that you're able to go OP, he is phenomenal live!!

http://youtu.be/lHGqKs6VtHo Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 8:19 AM
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Powerful NickDiazFan... I just got 2 tickets together. Seems like it books tickets out if people select them, but then lets them go again if they don't complete within 10mins.
9/12/13 4:41 PM
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Nightmare!!!! I was waiting on these coming out and it seems there is none left. Was intending on travelling down from Scotland to see him.

Anyone able to help/suggest any way to get tickets?!