UnderGround Forums Josh Neer made a new fan

2/23/13 10:55 PM
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What a fucking fight. They both fought like they wanted it. Phone Post
2/23/13 10:58 PM
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Ive always been a fan of Neer
2/23/13 11:01 PM
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I disagree respectfully..
Court fought well, Neer fought like he forgot how to fight. What happened to his ground game? Why was he trying to walk through punches to land 1 shot..hes not chuck. Phone Post
2/23/13 11:01 PM
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THE CACTUS KID - Ive always been a fan of Neer

yeah, always been a fan as well. 2nd loss in a row, hopefully gets another

2/23/13 11:07 PM
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Holy shit, Faber. Phone Post
2/24/13 4:26 AM
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Anyone notice when Court kicked Neer in the face? Neer smirked like it was a weak move, and while smirking Court punched him in the face lol.

2/24/13 4:31 AM
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always been a fan. he looked bigger than court my cod.
2/24/13 8:31 PM
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He looked about 20 pounds lighter than McGee, and he didn't look in the best shape either.
2/24/13 8:39 PM
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Been a fan of Neer since his earlier UFC days. Everytime he fights gives me a range of emotion.


This fight was no exception. First round I'm like, fuck, Court looks huge, quick, good conditioning. Neer looked hurt, and he was. He tried to disguise it and I applaud him for that, but he couldn't hide it. But 2nd round, his toughness, as it's done so many times in the past, told him and everyone, he still was in the fight and had fight left in him.


Big fan of his. He'd never Lyoto Machida someone to a boring win, that's for sure.