5/7/13 5:07 AM
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Where has he been?
Dude had an impressive win streak since dropping to featherweight.
Why the lack of mentions?
IMO I think he could be at the top of the food chain in the UFC fw division. Phone Post 3.0
5/7/13 8:57 AM
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TTT for later. I will check... Phone Post
5/7/13 8:59 AM
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How old is he now? He's been fighting for a long time.
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Love Kawajiri and looking back now, how fucking impressive is Kawajiri's win over Thomson at this point? A 145er dominating Thomson is just unreal(although there were some rumours that Josh was injured for the fight). Get Kawajiri to the UFC before he gets too old!

Edit: http://fightnext.com/video/BS286N59SKAS/Tatsuya-Kawajiri-vs-Josh-Thomson

There's the fight if someone is bored
5/7/13 10:14 AM
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In for answers Phone Post 3.0
5/8/13 10:18 AM
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TTT for the Crusher
5/8/13 10:13 PM
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I found his blog. Looks like he just had a birthday and turned 35.


Looks like he's training normally, and he talks about running his gym "T-Blood.". He also posts pics of his daughter. Phone Post
5/9/13 12:28 PM
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^thanks for the update. Does he talk about any fights coming up? Phone Post 3.0
5/9/13 12:31 PM
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I believe he fights for ONEFC. Just not sure if this is exclusive.

I remember reading somewhere he didn't want to fight for the UFC because they wouldn't let him fight in Japan. Phone Post
5/9/13 12:36 PM
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He's in the competitive wasteland known as OneFC. Hopefully he sees out his contract and signs with the UFC or Bellator before he gets too old.