UnderGround Forums Ken Shamrock to fight Ian Freeman in UK - July 27

3/26/13 9:02 PM
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UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock will be returning to MMA on July 27 to take on British MMA star Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman under the Ultimate Cage Fighting Championship banner at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster,England.

Shamrock,a UFC Superfight Champion, made his desire to fight Freeman public when he commentated on BAMMA 12. His wish has been granted after some heavy negotiation. Shamrock has been in fights with some of all time greats including Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba but it looks like even at the grand age of 49, ‘The World’s most Dangerous Man’ is not ready to call it quits. He has not fought since November 2010. His last fight in the UK saw him lose by TKO to Robert ‘Buzz’ Berry in 2008.

READ MORE - http://www.mmaopinion.co.uk/2013/03/27/ken-shamrock-to-fight-ian-freeman-on-july-27-in-the-uk/
3/26/13 9:10 PM
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Freeman by KO.
3/26/13 9:16 PM
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newbornbabynoob - Remember when Freeman left these boards in embarassment for saying Pacquiao (sp?) had shitty hands? Good times.

I remember that. He got all pissed off because people were saying that Pacman was a better boxer than he was.

Freeman's boxing might not be much, but I'm pretty sure that it's going to be too much for Ken Shamrock.
3/26/13 9:21 PM
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Freeman is actually having a boxing match next month too.
3/26/13 9:21 PM
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I take Freeman on the basis he can actually move.

Ken is a legend, but his body must be absolutely shot by now.
3/26/13 9:23 PM
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The ONLY thing that Ken can possibly do is flop and try to grab a foot. Ian got heelhooked by former WEC matchmaker Scott Adams, so it's certainly possible.
3/26/13 9:25 PM
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It's a bit sad these guys still have to fight. Oh well, at least they're fighting each other and not some young beasts!
3/26/13 9:25 PM
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Ken will dive into the deep end and make short work of Freeman. I hope he doesn't hurt him so bad that he can't be fixed. Phone Post
3/26/13 9:26 PM
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Does anyone have that gif of Ken flopping against Rich Franklin?
3/26/13 9:44 PM
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This was supposed to happen at UFC 43 back in 2003, but Ken got ACL surgery instead.

3/26/13 9:45 PM
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Yeah, and Tiger White got fucked on that draw decision.
3/26/13 9:52 PM
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Funaki Masakatsu #1 - 

This was supposed to happen at UFC 43 back in 2003, but Ken got ACL surgery instead.

Thanks, I knew they were supposed to fight. I was at this card and I remember being pissed off that Ken got hurt. After the show, smoking up with Vanilla Ice and having Tank put me in a head lock made up for it though!
3/26/13 9:52 PM
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43 was at the Thomas and Mack Center. I went.
3/26/13 10:08 PM
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Ian freeman wanted to fight me on this board a long time ago under my old SN Phone Post
3/26/13 10:10 PM
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say is isint so

3/26/13 11:01 PM
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Tell Ken to not wear those cutout socklike things on his feet.

They reduce your traction big time.
3/26/13 11:05 PM
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I worry for Ken's long term health.

3/26/13 11:32 PM
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Jaybrone - 

I worry for Ken's long term health.

Even though he's lost several fights in the past decade, he's taken very little significant punishment aside from the first Tito fight. I'm more worried that he'll injure his knee throwing a punch or something and look like an ass. Anything could happen though.
3/26/13 11:43 PM
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I don't even have curiosity interest in that fight.
3/27/13 12:30 AM
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The fight will never happen Shamrock has pulled out more times than Peter North Phone Post
Edited: 3/27/13 12:47 AM
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effs -  The fight will never happen Shamrock has pulled out more times than Peter North Phone Post


Can you cite all of these fights Ken has pulled out of? The only one I can think of in recent years was when he pulled out of the Rea fight due to staph infection which was very serious. The doctors pulled him from the Kimbo fight, not Ken. (I don't buy for a second that Ken would blade himself and forfeit that massive payday).


Compare this to the double digit fights Ken has fought with an injury, it's not comparable. Ken fights injured all the time. He fought Tito in 2002 with no ACL, for goodness sake. And most people don't know this, but he fought Tito in 2006 with a really busted up shoulder.

3/27/13 12:44 AM
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Ken may literally fight to his demise if he fights too much longer
3/27/13 12:46 AM
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fight seems unnecessary but might as well enjoy it.hopefully like two others posters said, Ken by leglock.
3/27/13 3:15 AM
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Why does Ken continue to tarnish his name and legacy by being someones punching bag when he knows he needs to hang it up?! Sucks to see him do this over and over.
3/27/13 3:30 AM
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GreatCornholio - Kenbo Sapprock is there for a payday, that's it. Sad... Phone Post

Freeman is gonna Mir him Phone Post