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Master Rafael Cordeiro from Kings MMA talks about his Pro class, featuring Lyoto Machida, Fabricio Werdum, Wanderlei Silva, Tito Ortiz and many more. Having been a coach on the Ultimate Fighter Brazil twice, the Master now vows to stay in the U.S. with his students, other than travelling to their fights for a week or so at a time possibly.

Cordeiro responds to questions about training Lyoto Machida and how his style of Karate compares to the Kings MMA Style and the difficulty of hitting Machida during sparring. Another topic discussed is Fabricio Werdum. The heavyweight title contender is in incredible physical condition and is ready to fight year round. The Master discusses Werdum’s work ethic and their goal of fighting for the belt. Cordeiro says, “What we want, is to fight for the belt,” in regards to Werdum.

Currently, Former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz is also working with Cordeiro. He has a huge PPV bout vs Rampage Jackson in November and is working on his Muay Thai With Cordeiro. Master Cordeiro has coaches against Rampage Jackson in several high profile bouts, including those in Pride with Shogun and Wanderlei, as well as in the UFC against Wanderlei Silva. Although there is a lot of history between Cordeiro’s students and Rampage, the two are friends and have no bad blood; it’s simply a fight and business.

A hot topic in the news this past month has been the unfortunate legal issues involving Jason Mayhem Miller, who has been arrested multiple times this summer, although has yet to be convicted on any of the charges. I had read online that Mayhem was returning to Kings and I asked Master about it. Master Cordeiro was open to welcoming Jason back if it works out for him and the team. Cordeiro said he would need to have a personal talk and conversation with Miller first and to make sure it would be good for Jason and the school.

We even asked the Master about his most famous student Wanderlei Silva, who nearly signed to fight Chael Sonnen a few weeks ago. Cordeiro said that Wanderlei is always ready to fight and that if the UFC will pay him for it, Wanderlei and all of Brazil would love to see this fight.

Master Cordeiro ends by welcoming anyone who wants to learn Martial Arts and has a positive attitude and spiriti to come train with him at Kings MMA. To learn more about the 2012 MMA Coach of the Year and his team, check out www.kingsmma.com

Read more: http://mmaprime.tv/2013/09/12/kings-mma-update-machida-werdum-wand-mayhem-tito/#ixzz2ehrHArFx

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Machida looks like he will be a great fit for 185.  

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