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Norichika Tsukamoto from Shinkyokushin shows off a few good Knee knockouts



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classic jumping knee KO.


Plenty of KO´s, starting at 3 minutes.

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Donatas Imbras (huge shinkyokushin -pun intended. fighter) highlight.

Plenty of Knee KOs, but included mostly for the stuf at about the 0,50s mark (I couldnt find separate clips of them)


Enshin karate, Kyokushin offshot.

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Byakuren, actually a shorinji kempo offshot, but so strongly influenced by kyokushin that you could call it a kyokushin offshot regardless.

It does not show due to the resolution, but there are a few teeth flying  and landing on the mat in front of the camera in this one.



Shidokan (yet another kyokushin offshot) KO. Actually a delayed KO.


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just a random one. No idea who it is.


The problem with open weight category tournaments


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A ton of these dont even look like they land...

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. Phone Post
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Danish shinkyokushin fighter Kim Holm (Yes Kim is a male name in Denmark) shows how it is done.



Ashihara karate (still another kyokushin offshot)

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Old kyokushin fight with Glaube Feitosa. Poor video resolution unfortunately.


Andy Hug vs Nobuaki Kakuda (superfight at a early K-1)

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Shindokan karate (shidokan offshot) HL. Plenty of knee KO´s.



Enough for now. To be continued later.

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Kenta Mori vs Roman Nesterenko



Norichika Tsukamoto again


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This is some beautiful stuff. That fourth knee you posted by Tsukamodo was devastating.

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Voted up, love these clips.
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ttt good stuff
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Jon Jones using knees like that would be crushing with his range.

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I thought this was going to be people being knocked out by a kick to the knee. That's what I'd like to see in this thread. Anybody got any videos of that? Phone Post
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the sabaki challenge is my favorite to watch.
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Castroman -  I thought this was going to be people being knocked out by a kick to the knee. That's what I'd like to see in this thread. Anybody got any videos of that? Phone Post


So a shin roundhouse is someone roundhousing the opponents shin? A fist punch is someone punching the opponents fist? a spinning heel kick is a kick aginst a spinning heel? An elbow head strike is someone headbutting the opponents elbow?


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Dolph Lundgren handing out KO with the knee back in the days.

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Valeri Dimitrov, one of my favorite fighters.

Not usually a knee specialist, this HL is included for the knee to the liver at 2.40 even if it is not that spectacular. On the way there, enjoy one of his other KOs at that tournament (by his trademark heel kick. Soto gedan kakato geri)