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9/29/10 3:30 PM
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Koch expects to KO Grispi, then Aldo


“The crazy thing is that sometimes you just have a gut feeling, and this is one of those fights that I just had a feeling that they (WEC) were going to give me this fight,” Koch told USCombatSports.com. “Even before the announcement, Duke (Roufus) asked me what I thought about Grispi, and I told him that’s the one I want. The reason is because he’s one of the toughest guys in the division and winning this fight will throw me into title contention right away.”

Separated by only ten days in age, fighting at an identical weight, and having similar techniques, it is easy to make the comparison between both Grispi and Koch. Even the newly transported Milwaukee resident sees the resemblance.

“With me and him we are very similar,” said Koch. “What’s going to be interesting with this fight is it’s going to be a clash of everything…We’re kind of identical – we’re both 21, we’ve both trained for the same amount of time, and our records are kind of similar. It’s going to be a tough fight and whoever wants it more will win this fight.”

And while the Iowan born Koch notices the similarities between himself and his future opponent, he feels that he has the necessary stand-up skills designed to upset the South Shore Sport Fighting member nicknamed “The Fluke”.

“I want to keep this fight standing because he is more of a threat on the ground than on his feet,” said Koch. “If he comes out banging, I’m hard to hit because I don’t stand in front of people. My advantage comes in that I’m a lengthy fighter with swagger. I think Grispi is really tight with his standing and that’s where I think I can pick him apart with my speed. I think I’ll end up frustrating him standing.”

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9/29/10 3:31 PM
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gimmie fight for Grispi...he's basically due for a title shot next but most fans don't know who he is.
9/29/10 3:48 PM
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ain't going to happen
9/29/10 3:55 PM
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Grispi takes this one with an explosive KO, which sets him up with Aldo.
9/29/10 3:58 PM
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No way is this an easy fight for Grispi. It is a lose - lose for him. He is fighting a great fighter in Koch, yet he isn't fighting a big named fighter. I see Erik as the underdog, however I do see him spoiling the party for Grispi.

Erik via triangle Rd 1
9/29/10 4:09 PM
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C'mon dude, Grispi hasn't had a fight go out of the first round in how long? He took out LC Davis in a round last time.

Anything can happen but...
9/29/10 4:13 PM
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Peckerwood - gimmie fight for Grispi...he's basically due for a title shot next but most fans don't know who he is.

Come on pecker....you smokin cracky crack or what?!?!?

how bouts a screen name bet on this one?

Koch ..sub rd 2
9/29/10 4:16 PM
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Everyone thought Roller was gonna sub Pettis easy...under dog betters love our camp!
9/29/10 6:38 PM
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Koch oozes potential, has lost one wrestling match, and is in a sick camp with Roufus. Grispi is the real deal, but in no way am I writing off Erik on this one.

Josh is a smart kid. He isn't going to take Erik as lightly as the rest of you. Koch bros never seem to quit.

Erik via Flying Peruvian Necktie Rd 1
9/29/10 11:25 PM
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9/30/10 12:19 AM
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Jason Franklin - Grispi takes this one with an explosive KO, which sets him up with Aldo.
I agree bro....everyone thinks they got him figured out until he hits them.....then submits them.
9/30/10 12:26 AM
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I only see great things ahead for Grispi..  that's a fighter.

9/30/10 12:46 AM
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I am looking forward to this fight. I like Josh personally & as a fighter.

Everyone sleeps on our team mates:

Pettis vs. Roller
Belcher vs. Cote, Akiyama, Gouviea, Kang
Barry vs. Hardonck

You can count on Erik bringing the fight. No matter what the outcome it is going be a modern classic of a fight!
9/30/10 4:28 PM
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10/1/10 5:42 PM
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As 1 of Josh's coaches I can say we know Koch is *alot* better than people here seem to think.After years of being injured Josh is finally healthy and able to do a real training camp for the 1st time since Hominick.He trained seriously for about a week specifically for each of his last 3 fights and even then around injuries.We know you'll study Josh's weird style and have a great gameplan.No prediction, we'll see what happens.
10/1/10 6:51 PM
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Awesome! 2 young warriors giving the fans a show!
10/1/10 7:28 PM
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lol @ him koing Grispi.
10/2/10 6:20 PM
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10/2/10 9:43 PM
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Everyone seems to think they have something for Grispi. Even back when he was demolishing the local scene. Soon as his opponents get hit, they crumble... I've seen it happen 14 times.
10/2/10 9:58 PM
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This is one of the most exciting upcoming fights, along with another Duke disciple--Anthony Pettis! Phone Post
10/2/10 10:58 PM
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it's nice to see coaches of opposing fighters being classy and interacting with the discussions, the UG is my social life and this is what it needs more off

ttt for Grispi and Koch's ppl keepin it classy

"Stay classy UG".....................for once
10/3/10 10:50 AM
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For sure the bass! At the end of the day it is all about Josh & Erik not the coaches.

I am not a fan of the coaches in boxing talking crap back & forth ala Mayweather Sr. & Roach.

The fighters are the ones who go in there take the hits & dedicate their lives to the cage. They deserve all the credit. Coaching is way easier than fighting, I have done both a little bit.

Peace everybody!
10/3/10 12:20 PM
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10/3/10 4:04 PM
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I'm looking forward to this fight. Koch can surprise, in this matchup but hopefully he remains weary because Grispi seems to catch guys in submissions out of nowhere!

Be careful, Koch!