UnderGround Forums Leaving Congo... 3 days ago I buried a Pygmy baby.

4/15/13 2:36 PM
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Keep fighting the good fight brother. You will not be found in the "Luke Warm" category if ya know what I mean. What you're doing is amazing and you are a wonderful inspiration to others
4/15/13 2:39 PM
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No fatNlazy,
Christians are to be the hands and feet of God. That can be found in the Living Word also. Justin is a great example of that. More Christians should be obedient to God's calling and serve "the least of these" as Justin is doing
4/16/13 8:15 AM
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justinthevikingwren - 
RedDragons - Will gladly donate my friend. When are you planning on heading back?

And a PS: Were you ever able to get in touch with my brother? I have not been able to get in touch with him much myself lately. Thanks again.

Hey brother, I sent him a couple of text and a call. I'll try him again soon. If you can, refresh my email one more time with your brothers number so it will be easier for me to try him again. 


I plan on headed back when I get the funds. I will definitely leave at the end of july or beginning of August. 

Well good luck to you. The indiegogo fund looks like it is climbing pretty steady so hopefully it you can hit that goal.

And thanks again. I will send an email off this morning. Good luck and be safe.