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How many of you honestly feel steroids are a huge part of fighting, and MMA? How many of you feel it's fair to have your opponent raising his testosterone levels and get away with it by passing the drug test? How many of you support random drug tests through-out the year? Not just for roids, but for all illegal drugs? Let's discuss. You will see where I'm going with this....
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IMO fighters arent using to get that testy edge and big muscles. Just to speed recovery between rough training sessions. I do believe its a huge part of fighting.
11/29/08 12:21 PM
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Exactly. And yes, it's a huge part of our demanding sport.
11/29/08 12:24 PM
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I personally don't care if a guy is naturally bigger, faster and stronger or if he gets there through chemical technology and hard work. People are ok if its god given but not if its man made and I'm not sure why. I think they should be legal.
11/29/08 12:26 PM
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Also this thread will quickly become a shit storm because people get really emotional about steroids for some reason.
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NoPlacebo, I understand. But, they aren't legal. So, you understand why guys feel the pressure to juice, and cycle the right way to pass drug test, if there's a great chance his opponent is doing the same, Right?
11/29/08 12:27 PM
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As competitive as this sport is, some guys will try any edge they can get.
11/29/08 12:27 PM
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Let em do it. You don't become a better fighter by juicing.
11/29/08 12:27 PM
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Steroids in sport exist because the consumer wants it to exist
11/29/08 12:28 PM
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 all natural?
11/29/08 12:29 PM
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Beninger - Let em do it. You don't become a better fighter by juicing.

Agree 100%
11/29/08 12:30 PM
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NoPlacebo, hopefully, guys will have the maturity to talk intelligently about a topic that could potentially ruin our sport. Because, Roids, are a huge part of the fighter lifestlye. Not saying everyone, but a lot of guys. And I understand it. I understand why we feel the need to juice, if there is a big percentage of a chance our opponent is doing the same. I strongly feel random drug testing would help our sport alot. And I support it!
11/29/08 12:31 PM
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Big John, EXACTLY.
11/29/08 12:31 PM
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I think athletes everywhere in every discipline will forever be looking for an edge. Blood doping, oxygen tents, food that would make a billy goat puke, supplements etc. It is part of the competitive nature and something that will never change. Steroids work wonders especially for recovery and I don't understand why they are so reviled. I think a lot of the hate is due to the massive amounts of propaganda spewed against steroids. To me reefer madness and roid rage are from the same page in the propaganda book but one is commonly believed and the other is laughed at.

While they are illegal and banned it is cheating I suppose but I just don't think it should be illegal or banned. Making it legal would also make it safer and I think the only time there will be a level playing field is if it is legal.
11/29/08 12:33 PM
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I remember when Tim Sylvia got caught, Rogan said he took them because he wanted a 6 pack lol.
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Hojak, Your right bro. I will be the first to admit I've juiced almost my entire career. I am ashamed of it. I felt the pressure. If guys were honest with themselves, they know what i'm talking about. I'm ready to do it the clean way. I guess, if I'm clean and get beat, so be it. It would be nice to know my opponent is clean. I totally understand why guys juice.
11/29/08 12:39 PM
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I do think Tim took steroids to look better. He does not look like an athlete and looking the part is very good for your pocketbook and your confidence which is something I think Tim struggles with.
11/29/08 12:40 PM
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Yo have to have tons of Respect for Tim for having the guts to admit it and take his punishment like a man. I respect that!
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So if you juiced your entire career how did you pass drug testing ?
11/29/08 12:42 PM
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Drug testing is for the most part a joke. It always has been, you know why MMA has more guys getting caught? They don't do it properly or they don't make enough money to afford the good stuff.
11/29/08 12:43 PM
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RANDY ERICKSON - So if you juiced your entire career how did you pass drug testing ?

11/29/08 12:43 PM
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Randy, When i wrote in my post, "you will see where i am going with this" your question is what i want to address. It's easy to get away with it. This is why i am all for random testing. cont...
11/29/08 12:44 PM
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Interesting thread- will comment later at work now
11/29/08 12:46 PM
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It's cool you're bein honest about your past. I hope it doesn't come back to bite ya somehow.