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Frank Shamrock: Undefeated 5-Time UFC Middleweight World Champion

Frank Shamrock will be here LIVE on Wednesday, August 27th, at 8:00 PM EST to answer all your questions and interact with the fans in our community. At that time, posting will be limited to pro members, pro fighters, and moderators.

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In the 72 hours leading up to the live session, this thread will be open to posting by all members of our site. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments for the champ. As always, it is with great pleasure that we weclome Frank Shamrock to our community. Please keep your questions and comments appropriate.
8/25/08 11:45 AM
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holy shit
8/25/08 11:46 AM
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My favorite fighter since he KO'd Enson back in the day...
8/25/08 11:50 AM
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 ttt, cool
8/25/08 11:56 AM
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ttt even tho it's stuck up there anyways
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How much longer do you think you'll continue fighting?  What are your thoughts about Tito's negotiations with ProElite/EXC, and if he ends up there would you ever fight him again if the price was right?

By the way, congrats on the new addition to your family=)
8/25/08 11:59 AM
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 Will you go after Cung Le again after your last defeat?
8/25/08 12:01 PM
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 Why would you even consider fighting your Brother ?
8/25/08 12:04 PM
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 Are you hungrier then ever to regain your title as champ?
8/25/08 12:09 PM
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Frank if you were able to come to terms with the ufc would you be willing to fight Anderson Silva and do you feel he is the number 1 p4p MW in the world right now?
8/25/08 12:10 PM
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8/25/08 12:20 PM
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Frank who do you think is a better mma coach You or Tito Ortiz?
8/25/08 12:23 PM
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Frank if the Ufc aka Dana White approached you and said that for a upcoming season of the ultimate fighter he would like to have you and tito as coaches with a rematch scheduled at the end would you have little or a great deal of intrest in the opportunity?
8/25/08 12:25 PM
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Frank what do you think of Dana White and i mean your real opinion.
8/25/08 12:29 PM
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Frank if you picked a guy off the street who had little to no fighting experience or skill how long do you think it would take for you to turn him into a decent fighter?
8/25/08 12:31 PM
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Frank do you have any good ufc stories, like after party bar brawls or groupies , what is your most memorable ufc event?
8/25/08 2:11 PM
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Why would you consider fighting Cung Le at his specialty after what happened against Renzo? Why not pose your strength against his and take care of buisness?
8/25/08 2:48 PM
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Can you openly discuss your comments about Ken's steroid use? During the time he was using was it a common practice in the sport or was he one of the few?
8/25/08 4:04 PM
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str8fighter's idea of having Frank and Tito as TUF coaches is an excellent one.  BLAF might not agree.
8/25/08 4:50 PM
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you've mentioned Ken's steroid use. how about worked mma fights. do you think Ken works MMA fights? (i.e. franklin, upcoming bout with kimbo)
8/25/08 6:09 PM
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Frank, why didn't you try and take Cung down and beat him at his weakness? Was his takedown defense just that good?
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Frank props to you for being the individual you are and being your own man so to speak. You are a true Mixed Martial Artist and one of the all time greats.

With that said your individualism and seemingly unwillingness to bend to Organizational demands kept you from actively fighting for 7 of your prime years.
Do you ever regret that? I mean you are one of the best MMA Fighters of all time with 7 of your best years virtually lost? Was the reason for not fighting much during that 7 year span low contractual pay or the restrictive exclusive contracts or what? Please elaborate.

Props to you and Cung for putting on such a great fight. You finally closed the distance in the 3rd and were really getting to Cung, then unfortunately your arm was done. Did you expect Cung to be able to keep you at a distance for so long or was that just your gameplan to wear him down then close the distance and utilize your power advantage in the late rounds?

Finally why not take Cung down and use your more evolved ground and submission game?
8/25/08 8:26 PM
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Frank i'm a big fan as the guys on the UG will tell you (they're probably a bit sick of me saying you'd beat Anderson Silva). To my questions:

1) What do you think fans will remember you for when you retire?

2) I'd love to see you knuckle down and start winning middleweight bouts and take the title. Gimmick fights like the proposed one with Tito and your brother Ken just dont proove anything. What do you get out of them in the long run apart from the cash obviously? Isnt it more important to be the best.

3) If Dana asked you to be a coach on the next series of TUF opposite Anderson Silva with the promise of a title match at the end, would you do it?

That's all I got, much respect to you and I hope Cung Le grants you a rematch sometime.
8/25/08 11:57 PM
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Frank, everyone has their own opinion about who you should fight--out of every MMA organization on the planet, who do YOU want to fight, and why?
8/26/08 12:21 AM
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^^^ Good question; to follow up Frank you have mentioned Tito, Robbie and a Cung Rematch in previous interviews are these 3 Fighters still on your Radar?

Lastly what is the beef between you and Josh Thompson? Please give us the back story on that one..