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5/25/14 9:56 AM
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Prolly should have waited till AFTER the fight to talk shut about bang Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 10:05 AM
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Just pay that man his money you oompa loompa Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 10:55 AM
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SporkChop - I live in Sacramento and go over to the Alpha Male gym to buy shirts and BS; I will probably do a month to month after my foot heals (long story, but anyways)...

I met Dwayne, once. He seems like a genuine guy. I didn't get the feeling that he was a 'bag, you know?

Faber, though, seems like a 'bag. Perhaps the nozzle, as well.
Because...? He didn't give you a receipt? Or something even worse? Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 10:57 AM
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LOL @ What Faber said being called "Talking shit" Phone Post 3.0
5/25/14 12:33 PM
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Rudi - LOL @ What Faber said being called "Talking shit" Phone Post 3.0

learn to read between the lines rainman