UnderGround Forums Lombard fight = Overeem vs Mir

3/16/14 1:59 AM
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Watching that fight reminded me of the Overeem vs Mir fight.

I think there is some harsh criticism against Lombard. I think when a fighter is clearly winning it is up to the opponent to take some risks and open up the fight a little.

I think Lombard did a great professional job, neutralising an opponent with one of the best records of any Mixed Martial artist, and also hurt him in the process. He should've got a post-fight interview and should be in the mix.

Maybe give him Lawler next?
3/16/14 2:02 AM
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Lombard/Lawler sounds fun. Phone Post 3.0
3/16/14 2:03 AM
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I said the exact same thing while watching. Seemed like a perfect matchup to dominate, and after dominating the 1st rd each coasted the rest of the way instead of putting the pressure on their opponent. Sucks to see that but unfortunately for the fans it seems like more and more UFC fights are looking like this.
3/16/14 2:05 AM
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He looked damn impressive to me. Just concerned about that gas tank Phone Post 3.0
3/16/14 2:06 AM
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Sofa King Cool - Lombard/Lawler sounds fun. Phone Post 3.0

then go to ATT and watch them spar