UnderGround Forums Luke Rockhold Live Chat TODAY

5/9/13 12:06 PM
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Hey guys, we've got a Twitter Live Chat with Luke Rockhold TODAY at 2P/11A ET/PT. You guys know the drill, tweet @FUELTV and use #AskLuke to submit your questions. You can follow along live as Luke answers all your questions in our FUEL TV Live Chat Room

Don't forget, we still give preference to our friends on The UG/OG so toss in that #UG for a better chance at getting your questions answered. 


5/9/13 1:06 PM
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Who? Phone Post 3.0
5/9/13 1:07 PM
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Thanks Fuel!

5/9/13 1:16 PM
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When can I have fuel tv in Philadelphia so I can watch all this stuff? Phone Post 3.0
5/9/13 1:59 PM
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butters 209 - Anybody else think luke is a ruddy handsome bastard ??

No homo just not your average mma face Phone Post 3.0


5/9/13 3:56 PM
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Patrick Cote' is way more handsome.