UnderGround Forums Luke Rockhold to 205!!!

2/26/18 9:22 PM
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You’re only as good as your last fight here on the UG

It really is crazy. Luke is a great fighter. One of the absolute top dogs. And he loses to one of the best MW's ever IMO. And now he sucks.

That being said, I think LHW is gonna be a tough go for him. But I'm interested to see his it goes. 

Yup... it’s insane. Here we go again with the whole “he was never good” argument. Happened with Aldo, Anderson, why not Luke right? 

I agree that we should allow steroids. 


I want to see Home Runs. But! Every fighter needs to see that same contract. 


I know it isn't a popular opinion. I'd enjoy watching a "anything goes(size/drugs). As long as the fighter knows their heart is probably going to give in around 40-50.



2/27/18 4:31 AM
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Yeah didn't have a great weight cut is a pretty bad excuse. Weight cuts suck, period.