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11/13/12 11:27 AM
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MDs bar Cris Cyborg from cut to 135


Cris "Cyborg" Santos Santos met with her doctors recently including a visit to the cardiologist to see about a possible move down to 135lbs, so that she could eventually and hopefully meet Rousey inside the UFC Octagom to settle their long standing differences.

Members of Cris Cyborg’s camp confirmed to MMAWeekly.com on Tuesday that she visited with her heart doctor and was told that a cut to 135lbs would just not be safe based on her personal physical health. Her cardiologist stated emphatically that he would not sign off on a move down a weight class based on her current health.

The dangers to her body could also prohibit Santos from carrying a child later in life, and according to her camp, that was a risk the former Strikeforce champion was unwilling to make for any fight.

Santos is currently still sitting out awaiting the time in which she can re-apply for a fight license after being suspended for a year following a positive test for a banned substance in California. When she is eligible to return, the question now remains where she will fight at and who will it be against?

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11/13/12 11:30 AM
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Drop muscle
Profit? Phone Post
11/13/12 11:31 AM
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Is she really that big? Can she not drop all the muscle she obtained from juicing?
11/13/12 11:33 AM
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Lol oh really, I'm pretty sure every Dr would tell a fighter its in safe nor healthy to drop a substantial amount of weight... Phone Post
11/13/12 11:34 AM
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she needs to fire her doctor lol
11/13/12 11:36 AM
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I hope cutting weight doesn't prevent her from conceiving a child. Phone Post
11/13/12 11:37 AM
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Now I suppose Ronda's doctor will say a diet of marshmallows and gorilla hormones is unsafe. 

11/13/12 11:40 AM
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2JupitersTooMany -

Now I suppose Ronda's doctor will say a diet of marshmallows and gorilla hormones is unsafe. 

Hahahahaha. Phone Post
11/13/12 11:40 AM
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11/13/12 11:41 AM
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She won't be able to bear children if she loses at most 10 lbs of muscle?  Muscle that naturally women do not have anyway,  If she wouldn't have been popped for juicing then this article would have been laughable.

I say Rhonda Meets her in the middle on the condition that she takes a piss test every 4 days 3 months out all the way up to the fight.



11/13/12 11:41 AM
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lol @ a 135lb being an unsafe weight for a 5'8" woman. 

11/13/12 11:42 AM
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if she stopped lifting weights and taking supplements she would easily make 135

11/13/12 11:42 AM
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Imo this is just propaganda from the cyborg camp to start the discussion of RR going up in weight.

What fighters actually ask their doctor to sign off on going down in weight? Phone Post
11/13/12 11:46 AM
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Card - 

Her arms are bigger than Condits.

11/13/12 11:47 AM
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A steady diet of anything but steroids should work. Even horse meat would allow her yo get the weight down
11/13/12 11:48 AM
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It should not be up to Ronda - The Champion - to move up a weight class to fight a challenger.

If Cyborg can't make the weight, she shouldn't get the shot. Simple as that. Phone Post
11/13/12 11:48 AM
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I know she is the 135 champ, but if Rhonda is so sure of herself why doesnt she just go up to 145 to fight?
11/13/12 11:48 AM
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definition of a yolker
11/13/12 11:51 AM
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She is dicking Phone Post
11/13/12 11:51 AM
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Ducking' Phone Post
11/13/12 11:52 AM
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I had no idea she's only 27, she looks at least 35.

She's so concerned about having children later in life, perhaps she thought stanozolol was a fertility drug?

The issue isn't about cutting the weight, with diet less weight lifting, less steroids etc she could lose enough weight to cut safely. If Kenny Florian can go from a fighting weight of about 180lbs when he was on TUF down to fighting at 145 lbs, I'm sure Cyborg can go from 145 to 135 with the right diet. This is pathetic.
11/13/12 11:52 AM
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I'm not buying it for even a second!!! She just doesn't want to fight Rhonda at 135, probably hoping to find a way to still juice lol. Male fighters drop much more weight its just excuses Phone Post
11/13/12 11:52 AM
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I like Cyborg but this is ridiculous.  Her Dr is saying there is no way for her to safely drop the weight?  She really HAS to have that much muscle mass?

11/13/12 11:54 AM
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cyborg and her doctor are full of crap
11/13/12 11:55 AM
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Why the fuck should she?