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10/31/11 2:42 AM
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 The Beatings From the North website (beatingsfromthenorth.blogspot.com) and MMA Viking have merged to strengthen its coverage of Nordic MMA.  All future articles and news reports will now be on www.mmaViking.com.
10/31/11 3:06 AM
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Sweden up in hurrrr
10/31/11 5:09 AM
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Some of the recent content that we have put up in MMAViking.com:
Bellator signee Marcus "Caveman" Vänttinen's interview

Sweden's Papy Abedi trains for his fight against Thiago Alves at UFC 138 video part 3

UFC to Stockholm in March 2012

10/31/11 5:16 AM
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Good stuff - two very knowledgeable dudes doing good things for MMA coverage in the region. All the best with it Joona.
10/31/11 6:35 AM
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Very nice, the best of luck with the joint project. And I had somehow missed that the UFC had decided on Sthlm instead of Malmö which is great news for me personally, thanks for bringing it to attention.
10/31/11 7:05 AM
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Yeah I agree. Stockholm is so much better (for all of us Finns)!
10/31/11 8:21 AM
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Thanks Jay. And congrats on your win on the weekend!
10/31/11 8:22 AM
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 Good stuff
10/31/11 9:16 AM
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10/31/11 3:21 PM
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 Gunnar Nelson is coming back to MMA in 2012. Check out the interview with his dad and manager Halli Nelson at MMAViking.com

10/31/11 7:22 PM
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NorthFromHere - Thanks Jay. And congrats on your win on the weekend!

Cheers dude! TTT :)
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Nordic Fight of the Month: October 2011 – Niinimäki vs Frachey
There were loads of great fights in the Nordic MMA events during October and it was a tough job to pick just one. It the end we ended up picking the featherweight bout between Finland’s Tom “Stoneface” Niinimäki and France’s Johnny Frachey. The fight was for the Cage Featherweight belt and took place on October 8th at the Cage 16 event in Espoo, Finland.
Ranked #2 in the European Featherweight division Tom Niinimäki has been on a verge of breakout for a while already. Niinimäki came into this fight riding a six fight win streak. Before this fight Niinimäki had been away from the cage for almost a whole year, mainly due to lack of opponents willing to fight him.
Frenchman Johnny Frachey stepped up to the plate and signed for this fight. Frachey also came into this fight with five consecutive wins under his belt and feeling confident that he could beat Niinimäki.
How did the fight turned out? See for yourself at MMAViking.com
11/2/11 10:46 AM
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 Exclusive Interview – “It’s only a matter of time until I fight under the UFC banner” – Anton Kuivanen
In an exclusive interview with Anton Kuivanen, MMA Viking gets to know Finland’s most popular fighter. The 27 year old from Helsinki is coming off another impressive victory at Cage 17, and with a 16 win and 4 loss record is knocking on the UFC’s door.
Anton Kuivanen Celebrates After His Recent Victory at Cage 16 | Photo by Antti Latva-Kyyny
11/2/11 2:12 PM
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Nordic ring girls from Cage promotion's event
11/2/11 2:15 PM
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 good stuff, adding it to the bookmarks
11/2/11 3:45 PM
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Cool, good stuff. Nice to have all local news in one place, I didn't even know Sweden was being considered for november. Seems like it won't be long now until we get to see the UFC in Stockholm...

Take note that Anton Kuivanen is so ripped that even his solar plexus is pointy.
11/3/11 2:10 AM
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Thanks guys. Event reports of Cage 17 and UFC 138 coming up in the weekend plus loads of fighter interviews etc.
Hopefully I also get to talk a little bit with Vale tudo legenda Marcelo Giudici at the Cage 17 and see what's he up to nowdays.
11/3/11 2:46 AM
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 good stuff!!!!!!
11/3/11 6:48 PM
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Kuivanen is a beast and deserves the shot.

11/4/11 11:06 AM
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We'll have a busy weekend at MMAViking.com!
Ryan will be in Birmingham England to cover UFC 138, as Stockholm’s own Papy “Makambo” Abedi takes on Thiago “Pitbull” Alves in his UFC debut.  
And I will be covering the Cage 17 “Northern Storm” event in Oulu, near the polar circle.
Read more at:

MMA Viking’s Live Coverage Weekend

11/4/11 3:10 PM
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Some great fights on Cage 17 - shame everybody is just talking about the UFC card.

What do you think of Puhakka vs. Winner at BAMMA 8 mate?