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10/8/12 7:44 PM
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a week

from his FB

Manny Gamburyan
Once a week every girl needs to get slapped. To make sure she knows whats up, cuz some GUYS are way to nice to girls, RESPECT. Every girl should know better that at the end of the day she's a GIRL... so act one plz, what is this world coming to :(



10/8/12 7:45 PM
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This will end well.

10/8/12 7:47 PM
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dana white will give him a twitter bonus.

10/8/12 7:47 PM
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Did Honda toss him on his head? Phone Post
10/8/12 7:47 PM
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For realz?...

10/8/12 7:47 PM
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Context? Phone Post
10/8/12 7:48 PM
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Manny just made a new fan Phone Post
10/8/12 7:48 PM
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I wonder what his training parter Rousey thinks of this quote 

10/8/12 7:50 PM
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Rogan says the same thing but his is. "I dont trust a guy thats never been punched" or something along those lines.
10/8/12 7:52 PM
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Oh Bro.
10/8/12 7:52 PM
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Short man syndrome, Phone Post
10/8/12 7:53 PM
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I just texted this to my wife... She agrees. Guess she is catching one when I get home. Phone Post
10/8/12 7:54 PM
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10/8/12 7:54 PM
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I wish this was an attempt at transforming himself into Chaelly Gamburyan, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Since I respect MMA fighters so much, I'm considering taking this advice to heart, but it conflicts with another piece of information I picked up along the way.

So now I'm torn apart internally, wondering if I should never hit a woman, or if I should hit every woman once a week.
10/8/12 7:55 PM
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damn Armenians 

10/8/12 7:56 PM
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I wonder if Manny has a strict one slap per week quota.

Say his lady does not cross him that week, does he still blindside her at 3PM sharp every Friday? Or does he stay his hand as a reward?

Or does he wait until she steps out of line to "correct" her? But once he does this, he has to wait until the next week to use his next slap so she essentially has free reign until then.

He may need to tighten up his regulations regarding his slapping. Phone Post
10/8/12 7:57 PM
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This is true 99% of the time. I mean once in a blue moon you'll find an innocent, hot ass chick that doesn't deserved to be slapped. But 99% of them, yes they need a damn good slapping at the very least.
10/8/12 7:57 PM
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what a douchebag
10/8/12 8:00 PM
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Doesn't surprise me coming from a guy that fakes like he is gonna touch gloves at the start of the fight and then tries to kick his opponent in the face.
10/8/12 8:01 PM
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So let me get this straight. He offers slapping women once a week as a solution to their behavior, then asks what's this world coming to? Phone Post
10/8/12 8:01 PM
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I love slappin' that ass.
10/8/12 8:01 PM
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10/8/12 8:04 PM
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I would love to have been a fly on the wall for the incident that inspired this post. Did some lady hit him with a real good zinger that he had no reply to? Was some bitch being taller than him without heels again?
10/8/12 8:05 PM
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KnowKontrol - I just texted this to my wife... She agrees. Guess she is catching one when I get home. Phone Post
Ahaha Phone Post
10/8/12 8:07 PM
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udk - armenians are a vile, dull worthless 'people'.<br />one more example of why... nice work ya furry little troll!

to be fair, i'm sure 5% or so are all right. just as likely not though.

I'm a good Armenian, and we are far from worthless...