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10/18/08 11:40 AM
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I have trained with Carmine Zocchi at NY Sanda. He is a Black Belt under Marcello Mello who is a Black Belt under Royler Gracie. But there is no info out there about Marcello except that he once fought in the UFC a long time ago.

Does anyone have any info?
10/18/08 12:07 PM
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i interviewed him a few years ago when he taught in astoria. what would you like to know?
10/18/08 12:39 PM
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I would like to know what he is up to nowadays. Does he still train? Compete? Does he have any other Black Belts other than Carmine? Carmine is a great teacher but from what I understand has not been in direct contact (training) since Marcello was supposedly deported years ago. Also, in my research there is no direct link to Royler that I can find.
10/18/08 1:09 PM
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 He owned David Roberts pretty badly in one of the earlier UFC's (20's), but it was Roberts first MMA fight.

TTT for some info
10/18/08 1:19 PM
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10/18/08 1:28 PM
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IIRC, marcelo came up the ranks in carlson's school in brazil, and was tapped to compete in the early Extreme Fighting events for a shitload of money but ended up missing out when he couldn't get a visa (or something). he can't get back into the US because he over-stayed after 9/11 and the gov't frowns upon that.
1/9/14 5:06 PM
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Anybody have any updated news on Melo?
1/9/14 7:12 PM
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Great info CC Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 7:15 PM
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1/9/14 9:31 PM
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