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10/10/17 7:46 PM
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UFC officials today announced that Mark Hunt will no longer compete in the promotions’s return to Australia.

Citing “medical concerns,” Hunt has been pulled from a planned headlining matchup with Marcin Tybura at November’s UFC Fight Night 121 event at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena. Fresh off a win at this past weekend’s UFC 216, Fabricio Werdum replaces Hunt in the night’s main event.

10/10/17 7:49 PM
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Werdum vs Tybura 

10/10/17 7:51 PM
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Just seen that, something tells me he's not impressed with Dana.

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Probably because of this article - 


“Sometimes I don’t sleep well. You can hear me starting to stutter and slur my words. My memory is not that good anymore.
“I’ll forget something I did yesterday but I can remember the shit I did years and years ago. That’s just the price I’ve paid — the price of being a fighter.
10/10/17 7:53 PM
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Mark Hunt is a legend. But his long term health is a serious concern when you hear how he’s talked about memory issues in the recent past. He’s got nothing left to prove to anyone. 

10/10/17 7:54 PM
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Wtf wow. 



10/10/17 7:54 PM
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He is an absolute legend.

10/10/17 7:56 PM
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He shouldn't be allowed to fight anymore.
10/10/17 7:57 PM
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Hunt and Aldean vs Werdum and White book it

10/10/17 7:57 PM
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"Wahhh... they're concerned about my health."
10/10/17 8:00 PM
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Honestly it makes me happy to see the UFC do this. I’m a huge Mark Hunt fan but if he really is slurring his words and forgetting things he needs to get in touch with some good doctors and take a look at his brain. He’s got a family and young kids, fighting should be far down on the list compared to having your health later in life for your kids sake. Honestly makes me sad to see he doesn’t care about his own brain health, I’m glad somebody does care. 

10/10/17 8:01 PM
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I follow him on Facebook. He doesn't sound like someone who should be fighting.

Anyone who says what he has said about his own brain health should not be allowed to fight.

10/10/17 8:11 PM
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Quite the writer!

it seems like letting him fight opens liability.

10/10/17 8:14 PM
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I don't believe for 1 second the people at UFC give a damn about Mark Hunt's health, but he did put them in a position of liability, given his public statements. He leaves them no other option but to pull him. And as a fan of Mark Hunt's, I am glad they pulled him.

I'll be looking forward to that law suit as well, but I can't imagine it going anywhere.
10/10/17 8:22 PM
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He's back tracking big time on Facebook. LOL

10/10/17 8:23 PM
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Can't really blame them for that. Would like to see them follow up and get him with a specialist though.

10/10/17 8:35 PM
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This doesn't sit right with me.  And please don't interpret this as me siding with Hunto and bashing Dana.


Some fighters are really well spoken, to the point that they can make a career of it.  And then there are guys like Mark Hunt who speak their heart and wear their emotions on their sleeves.  He's no genius.  Talking to the boss the way that he is in that tweet is a prime example.  I'm not saying he's making up or exaggerating his symptoms.  I'm just saying that maybe he should talk to a doctor. 


So I don't like the UFC jumping to conclusions here.  My gut instinct is that they're pulling him because of optics, not his *actual* health.  If that's the case--and I don't think anyone knows the full story here--then it's bullshit. 


From what I know of Dana, he's exactly the type of guy to lash out at Hunto in retaliation.  I hope this isn't that.


I'd like to hear what the doctors have to say.

10/10/17 8:55 PM
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Didn't the samething happen to Cain ? The commission/UFC cause of comments he made on his health. I love Mark Hunt but don't wanna see a guy take to much damage. He's made some fat checks since the Lesnar fight. Nothing but respect to Hunto. 

10/10/17 8:57 PM
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Danielmmafan1 -

Didn't the samething happen to Cain ? The commission/UFC cause of comments he made on his health. I love Mark Hunt but don't wanna see a guy take to much damage. He's made some fat checks since the Lesnar fight. Nothing but respect to Hunto. 

Meant to say the Commission/UFC pulled Cain because of comments about his health. 

10/10/17 9:13 PM
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He writes with the clarity of a 4 year old. 

10/10/17 9:28 PM
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Not good, could have let him have this one on home soil regardless, let the man go out his own way.

Still,  by the sounds of what he said in that interview, he shouldn't be fighting any more. 

10/10/17 9:45 PM
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He was misquoted he meant to say “cook me some bacon and eggs, Dana, or I’ll take you outside and beat you up with my gut”

10/10/17 9:46 PM
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He kind of shot himself in the foot by saying all that stuff publicly, especially when he has already sued them. Massive fan, have been since before he even got into MMA, but he kind of brought this on himself.
10/10/17 10:02 PM
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One of the few times I side with the UFC over the fighter.  That interview he gave had scary implications for his long term health and this was not a fight that meant much