UnderGround Forums Matt Serra resorts to biting!

1/21/13 3:34 PM
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But only because the plastic was too tough to open!


The back story: I visited Atlanta this weekend to do a seminar with Matt at my buddy Paul Creighton's school (and to deliver some artwork to Paul for the academy). After the seminar, Matt signed the original portrait which we hope to auction off to help raise $ for the UG's own #FranksFight.

I'll post details of the auction later this week hopefully when I'm back home.

After the seminar, a couple of us went out to dinner and (like every other Renzo BB I've met), Matt is one of the nicest and most approachable people you'll ever meet. So down to earth and unpretentious...and a genuinely funny guy who loves Jiujutsu and loves teaching.

And for those who are in the ATL area, I can't recommend Creighton Mixed Martial Arts (Atlanta's Renzo Gracie affiliate) highly enough! Great school, great instructors, incredibly friendly atmosphere with zero douchebaggery and I can't wait to come back and train here more in the near future!

Blessings from the Dojo,


1/21/13 3:34 PM
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