UnderGround Forums Maximo Blanco - A History of Violence (GIFs)

10/6/10 12:11 AM
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Maximo is fighting next vs. Leo Santos at SRC 15 for a shot at one of those rad Sengoku belts... can't wait

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i think we also need the Pancrase celebration gif to round it out

hes a lunatic
10/6/10 12:41 AM
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 Did I mention he has the best wrestling credentials in the division?

10/6/10 1:37 AM
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So excited for this, and not just cause Leo is my jiu jitsu coach. Its a big step up for him, and an interesting style match up...should be a great fight.
10/6/10 3:03 AM
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Wow alot of hay makers and swinging.....future ufc gate keeper?
10/6/10 3:19 AM
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smoogy -  Did I mention he has the best wrestling credentials in the division?

Please elaborate. Are you referring to the Pan-Am games?
10/6/10 3:37 AM
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Always luv the stomp counter from armbar.
10/6/10 6:08 AM
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I love the last gif so much...
10/6/10 6:46 AM
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Blanco is awesome.

Would vote you up if I could Smoogy.
10/6/10 11:05 AM
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is it me or does his haymakers land.
10/6/10 11:09 AM
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Sengoku LW title is vacant now, isn't it? I'd like to see Jadamba get some consideration for it the way he handled Gono. Kitaoka should be in the mix too, he just choked out Hironaka in Pancrase.

Any word on Hirota's return?
10/6/10 12:04 PM
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 Hirota is unlikely to return in 2010

I'd say the Sengoku LW picture looks like this:

1) Blanco/Santos Winner
2) Yokota/Cobb Winner
3) Jadamba
4) Jorge Masvidal
5) Satoru Kitaoka
Edited: 10/6/10 12:33 PM
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I'd put Blanco below most of those guys. He hasn't really beaten anyone that great yet.
10/6/10 6:22 PM
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Rodrigo Damm and Leo Santos back to back would be more than enough to warrant a shot IMO, those are two of the better unheralded Brazilian lightweights. Not that it matters, since Blanco has already been promised the shot if he wins
10/8/10 7:57 AM
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10/8/10 11:30 AM
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 voted up.

even though i'm not sure what voted up does i'm sure its a good thing.
10/30/10 5:06 AM
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 Just gonna bump this.
10/30/10 5:24 AM
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wow, he beat up those little Japanese guys!

10/30/10 5:40 AM
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His uppercut fatality tonight will be a fine addition to the GIF collection.
10/30/10 6:37 AM
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For such a crazy aggressive fighter in the ring, he's a very relaxed guy in person. He wrestled for Venezuela and wrestled for 4 years at Nihon University in Japan once winning University Nationals. Think he also wrestled highschool in Japan too. Good wrestler and stupidly athletic!
11/1/10 1:59 AM
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Smoogy smoog - May I request an updated gif from the latest fight?

11/1/10 2:15 AM
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11/1/10 2:29 AM
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11/1/10 2:33 AM
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This guy is amazing...I like his ability to keep his cool during his fights while still knowing he is ready to pound someones face in.
11/1/10 2:49 AM
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Maxi is nasty, he will destroy Hirota on NYE