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11/5/13 9:27 PM
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Looking through Twitter earlier today and noticed that Melvin Guillard made some interesting comments about Michael Johnson. He says he trained with Johnson, and knows he can beat him. I have always found it disrespectful to talk about someone you currently train with, or have trained with in the past. Of all people why call out a former training partner when both of you have a fight booked.Especially when you are "boys". That being said, I think it would be a great fight to watch. Melvin has great stand up. Johnson's stand up has improved every fight, along with him having a wrestling background. Guillard is extremely explosive, as is Johnson. Would be a match up I wouldn't mind seeing. Of course this would have to be after Johnson-Tibau, and Guillard-Pearson. I'm a big Johnson fan so I will be rooting for him in whichever matchup. Here are the tweets:





11/5/13 9:30 PM
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whats he going on about

11/5/13 9:31 PM
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Good question.. Really don't know.. Seems pretty wasted but you can never tell, haha. Also, sorry for the pictures being huge.

11/5/13 9:34 PM
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I really hope he's not back on the coke.

That being said, he's having an immediate rematch with Pearson? Phone Post
11/5/13 9:35 PM
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I know mma math doesn't work but it's funny watching both of their fights with Lauzon and seeing how Melvin is talking shit. Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 9:35 PM
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Say what? Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 9:35 PM
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Yeah, I think they are supposed to rematch March 8. That was last that I heard anyway

11/5/13 9:36 PM
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Twitter coke speak?
11/5/13 9:37 PM
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Such a humble warrior Phone Post
11/5/13 9:38 PM
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Melvin's back on the bronson by the sounds of things
11/5/13 9:52 PM
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Fucked for Melvin to come at Johnson like that. Even if they aren't friends why do some shit like that when you both have fights booked? I'd rather see Melvin call out some if those loses he felt like he should've won. Miller, Cerrone, Lauzon, Diaz? I can go on, but y'all get the point. Johnson and Melvin is an interesting fight, but it's not a good fight for either guy at this point in their careers.

Maybe Melvin thinks MJ is an easy win for him and he's trying to pad his record. Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 10:19 PM
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OP referred to them as "boys."

That's racist Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 10:45 PM
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Pessimist_Pete - OP referred to them as "boys."

That's racist Phone Post 3.0

Melvin said they were "boys" not me..

11/5/13 10:45 PM
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Pessimist_Pete - OP referred to them as "boys."

That's racist Phone Post 3.0

Melvin said they were "boys" not me..

11/5/13 10:59 PM
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Kids these days. Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 11:19 PM
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Isn't this the same bs he tried to pull with Diego recently? What happens in the gym stays in the gym.
11/5/13 11:28 PM
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Who knows? Maybe Melvin sees the Pearson fight as a guarantee for March and is trying to fight before then too. Don't forget he has come out recently and said he needs to earn big money for his sister's health care. He left Grudge for monetary reasons too.
11/5/13 11:29 PM
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"just so yall know he has nothing for me trust i know this from training with him training is one thing"

Wtf Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 11:56 PM
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ChokeEmOut - He is as dumb as a rock Phone Post
I think a rock may have him beat. Melvin is his own worst enemy. Phone Post 3.0
11/6/13 12:23 AM
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"Someone" hacked into his account and posted those tweets Phone Post 3.0
11/6/13 12:26 AM
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Would be awesome if he used English.

11/6/13 12:50 AM
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Seems kind of disrespectful to tall about training like that. Cerrone never saod stuff like this even though the rumor seemed to be that he owned Guillard ay Jacksons.

Maybe he's just playing the game and trying to get a fight though. Phone Post
11/6/13 3:24 AM
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Melvin always Phone Post 3.0
11/6/13 6:12 AM
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Honestly couldnt understand what hes wild eaching about Phone Post
11/6/13 6:29 AM
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Michael doesn't look like wants any part of him...

Both guys are black, not racist...
And Michael Johnson pretends to not know what he is talking about?

Michael Johnson is getting punked and instead of addressing it like a man...he would rather concentrate on Melvin's grammar?