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3/29/14 7:30 PM
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Here is your chance. I personally have the good benefit of seeing all of his wsof fights, 4 marvelous performances, and I can tell you this is the man. Him and Eduardo Dantas of Bellator could at the very least be not only top 10, but top 5 in the ufc 135 division, if not better than that.

Great striker, nice td defense, probably has nice jits too, just has not needed to show it. Do yourself a favor, watch WSOF tonight, he may not be the main event, but I honestly think he is the best fighter on the card, maybe in all of WSOF.

You are welcome UG
3/29/14 7:33 PM
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Marlon Moraes?

You clown Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 7:38 PM
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Don't you mean Marlon Manhoef? Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 7:41 PM
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lol Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 7:47 PM
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So THATS why he's a -660 favorite. Thanks for the knowledge bomb. Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 8:19 PM
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Wow, what a fucking moron I am. Here I am, seeing people do that and go "wtf, so stupid, names are easy, spelling", then I go and do it, on accident.

Marlon Moraes, facepalm, these things happen in MMA. Let's focus on his ability