UnderGround Forums Modafferi on weight misses: Get your act together

2/18/20 3:01 PM
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WMMA pioneer and UFC flyweight Roxanne Modafferi won her last fight vs. Maycee Barber who made weight, lost to Jennifer Maia who missed weight by 4.0 pounds, beat Antonina Shevchenko who made weight, and lost to Sijara Eubanks who missed weight by 2.2 pounds. That's a pattern, and "The Happy Warrior" is not impressed.

“I’m looking at the top 10. Four people out of the top 10 have missed weight,” said Modafferi to Shakiel Mahjouri  for BE. “I really don’t want to fight another fighter who has missed weight, so ladies get your act together. I’m not going to fight you. But I don’t have all the time in the world. Please make weight.”

“I don’t want to [trilogy] fight [Jennifer] Maia because she missed weight and I’m pissed off. She apologized, by the way. She is the only one of four people who missed weight to have ever apologized to me. So thank you for that.”

The body retains water during menstruation, adding a level of difficulty to the weight cutting process, but Modafferi doesn't like the excuse.

“You know it’s going to happen and even if it comes early, you should be close enough to your weight that you should be able to suck it up and lose more weight," she said. "If you’re right on the edge of your weight category and your period is going to throw you off, you should move up a weight class because that isn’t healthy. You shouldn’t have to kill yourself to make weight. Go up a weight class if you can’t handle it. I can make weight, so make weight.”