UnderGround Forums More likely to go to 185 - GSP or Rory?

12/9/12 12:09 PM
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Assuming they'd never fight each other, who is more likely to move up to MW?

I feel GSP has plenty of challengers at 170, and seems he'd prefer to stay, rather than move up to fight Anderson, and then as he's said, need to stay at 185 for the rest of his career.

Rory is a great fighter and could easily be a title contender, but if he won't fight GSP, than why stay around and just be a wrecking machine for no good reason?

Therefore, I feel Rory would be more likely to move up in weight. And it'd be sweet!

Although there are tons of good fights at 170 for Rory....So perhaps he sticks around at WW anyways.

I'd like Rory vs. Erik Silva or Rory vs. winner of Fitch/Maia.
12/9/12 12:11 PM
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Those 2 must fight eachother, but you're right, I have a feeling they won't either.

As ice-cold as Rory is, I would be surprised if he called GSP out. He's gonna want that title soon.

12/9/12 12:15 PM
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After Rory wrecks a few more WW's, he will got o 185.

He has the right frame size for the MW division.
12/9/12 12:15 PM
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Rory looks much bigger then gsp Phone Post
12/9/12 12:15 PM
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I think Rory will eventually be forced to move to MW. His frame still has some natural filling out to do, and there's no way he keeps making that cut into his late 20s.

12/9/12 12:18 PM
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One of them has to go to MW if GSP doesn't lose the belt any time soon, and they refuse to face each other (seems to be the case).

It hurts the division if you have a guy taking out top contenders and not challenging for the title.
12/9/12 12:20 PM
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Rory. He's younger, hungrier and not afraid. GSP just wants to hang on to his belt. Phone Post
12/9/12 1:04 PM
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gsp. it's harder the cut the older you are.
12/9/12 1:57 PM
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He's not a Man yet when he get's that man power it going to be harder to cut to 170 Phone Post
12/9/12 2:03 PM
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Rory has said recently (can't remember what interview) but he knows he only has another year maybe two at WW before he has to move up to MW because he is still putting on weight naturally.   But after the interview last night, he almost sounded like he wanted to fight Georges.