UnderGround Forums "Morning After" T.J Dillishaw Analysis: A+

5/25/14 1:15 PM
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Hand Speed: A+... Looked like a 135 pound Lightweight boxer.
Footwork: A+... Light on his feet and as smooth as can be.
Courage: A+... Went for blood against perhaps the pound-for-pound king. Dillishaw either didn't respect Barao's striking or put it all on the line (obviously the latter).
Technique: A+: He attempted submissions, takedowns, escaped a submission attempt, and boxed beautifully.

I agree with Joe Rogan that TJ Dillashaw put on perhaps the most dominating performance we have ever seen.

Kudos to you TJ... For anyone who has ever sparred in boxing or mixed martial arts truly understands what a masterpiece you pulled off last night.

The amount of pressure on you for your next fight is going to increase tremendously. However, any showing of a gutsy performance like you had at UFC 173 should be appreciated by all and further your newfound legacy.