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1/4/14 11:13 PM
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What's up UG! Wanted to tell you guys a little about what I'm doing in my "off time". It's not really off time because I'm doing rehab pretty much all day every day, but it's definitely not fight training.

My friend Jeremy Loper (from the Loper and Randi morning show), my friend Travis Clarke (pro fighter) and myself started a new podcast. We recently released our first one this week which also included my friend/training partner/coach Dorian Price. (You may remember him from TUF but he's been living in Thailand for over 2 years now and has fought in Lumpinee and multiple other stadiums in Thailand).

Hope you guys all had happy holidays and are as stoked for 2014 as I am. I'm healing up quickly, ahead of schedule and plan on being champion by 2015. Anyway give it a listen and be ready for more soon! Phone Post 3.0
1/4/14 11:15 PM
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Oh yeah, te podcast name is Legit Man Shit Podcast. It can be found at legitmanshit.com. Should have put that in the original post lol Phone Post 3.0
1/4/14 11:19 PM
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I was expecting some completely different content from a website with that name. Phone Post 3.0
1/4/14 11:20 PM
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Thats Man shit right there !!
1/4/14 11:22 PM
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Checking it out now. Good to hear the recovery is going well.
1/4/14 11:22 PM
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Will check it out later... Loved the mma prank with roman Atwood . Congrats on the podcast sorry bout the injury come back stronger .. Oh an Thanx for the fights!!! WAR IMMORTAL!!! Phone Post 3.0
1/4/14 11:24 PM
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1/4/14 11:30 PM
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TTT Phone Post 3.0
1/4/14 11:39 PM
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Speedy recovery sir.

1/4/14 11:48 PM
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Ttt Phone Post 3.0
1/4/14 11:59 PM
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Awesome, get well soon Matt. Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 1:18 AM
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Nice, you guys should put it on iTunes podcast. Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 3:40 AM
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Matt, have you tried the new lemon skoal?

Man dip. Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 4:35 AM
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Why is every man and his dog doing a podcast these days?

Anyway, good luck on future fights! Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 4:37 AM
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UGCTT_WarHunt - har har i think you could call me a liar if i said i never tasted man shit before,

but listening to man shit on the radio?

I think that's pretty weird even for me,

you guys use a boom stand or something?

Is there a name for what is wrong with you dude? Your posts are like something a methhead would write.

1/5/14 6:37 AM
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I've been thinking of getting back into listening to Podcasts, ill be sure to check it out, cheers Matt. Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 6:37 AM
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Make that body heal-


Ahead of schedule? Like what kind of time frame are you shooting for Matt?

1/5/14 7:06 AM
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Subbed to remember to listen when I wake up. Look forward to seeing you back in the cage Matt! Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 8:50 AM
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Will sub today. iTunes right? Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 8:53 AM
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Cool. Will check it out. Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 9:07 AM
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ttt for matt brown

This thread needs more views and exposure dont think they realise its matt brown who's thread this is.

Cant wait to hear the podcast Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 9:15 AM
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Chupacabro - Matt, have you tried the new lemon skoal?

Man dip. Phone Post 3.0
I chew Copenhagen. Sometimes Grizzly. Skoal ain't no man dip. Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 9:16 AM
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VitorforPresident - Hey Matt, any idea when you can start training properly again? Phone Post 3.0
I'm seeing the doc Monday and will have an answer then. Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 9:19 AM
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Blazing Knees -

Make that body heal-


Ahead of schedule? Like what kind of time frame are you shooting for Matt?

I just wanna be back as soon as humanly possible. Originally they said I would be able to get back to full training in February/March. Hoping I can get training before that. Phone Post 3.0
1/5/14 9:35 AM
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Will check out. Dorian is awesome, he used to own shine fights right? Phone Post 3.0