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12/8/12 12:42 AM
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My ear was effecting me from last march until about a month ago. I didn't workout or have the desire to do anything!! For some reason I bounced back 100% and I am having surgery in Jan so I will pump out a shitload of them next year! I promise Phone Post
12/8/12 12:44 AM
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Good... because this one in particular was fucking awesome.

I can't believe you got Anderson to curse.
12/8/12 12:44 AM
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I'm sure with over a hundred million in your bank account you'll be fine :) Phone Post
Edited: 12/8/12 12:45 AM
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get well, can't wait for more and more, just love your vlogs!!
12/8/12 12:46 AM
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Good deal. Phone Post
12/8/12 12:46 AM
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Thanks Dana, your Vlogs are kick ass.
12/8/12 12:46 AM
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glad to hear buddy.

12/8/12 12:46 AM
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The video blogs are an event week staple! I always look forward to them.
12/8/12 12:46 AM
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lemme shoot one.
12/8/12 12:48 AM
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Glad to hear it Dana!
I am part of the Underground block but couldn't get there until tomorrow so I missed the meet and greet which I hear was AMAZING! You are the MAN for doing that with how busy you are. I would have loved to make it. :(
12/8/12 12:48 AM
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please do. love them. Phone Post
12/8/12 12:49 AM
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Nice,love the vlogs Phone Post
12/8/12 12:51 AM
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Had a blast with the UG tonight!!!!! Love talking to u guys. 2 morrow is gonna be fucking awesome!!! Phone Post
12/8/12 12:52 AM
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12/8/12 12:53 AM
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Your awesome DW even though you have your moments (we all do) you go above and beyond your duties.... MMA is blessed to have you have fun at the fights tomorrow. Phone Post
12/8/12 12:54 AM
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good man

can't believe u guys are giving away Saturday's show for free, I'd pay $59.99 for it.

thanks again

12/8/12 12:55 AM
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Thanks, Dana!

Are you going to share any of the footage you got with the UG Q&A tonight?
Edited: 12/8/12 1:03 AM
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We understand you gotta take care of yourself. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the upcoming vids!
12/8/12 12:58 AM
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dfw jr - Had a blast with the UG tonight!!!!! Love talking to u guys. 2 morrow is gonna be fucking awesome!!! Phone Post
Diaz's are like cowbell as you always need more Diaz. Make the nick vs Gsp fight happen! Phone Post
12/8/12 12:59 AM
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12/8/12 1:03 AM
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dfw jr -  Had a blast with the UG tonight!!!!! Love talking to u guys. 2 morrow is gonna be fucking awesome!!! Phone Post

"Fight week, blog week!"

Love the video blogs, can't wait for the fights tomorrow! Thanks Dana!
12/8/12 1:03 AM
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12/8/12 1:03 AM
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Thanks for everything Dana, and get well.
Is the surgery going to prevent you from attending FOX 6?
12/8/12 1:05 AM
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Good, we've missed the blogs, used to have 3 for every fight
12/8/12 1:06 AM
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Drink this motherfucker:


and Drink this motherfucker:


You'll stop bitching and whining about your menieres disease within 2 weeks.

Drink 2 ounces of each twice a day on an empty stomach and place drops of both in your ears.

after 2 weeks you can just take one ounce of each for maintenance if you want or you can stop and if it ever comes back you just use the drops and the symptons will go away in a few hours.  go back to drinking it again and the silver and copper colloids will kill whatever is left of it.

You can thank me later.

I just saved you 4 weeks off the job because now you dont have to have that dangerous and ridiculous surgery...  that's at least a million bucks zuffa owes me....  peace.