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2/17/20 10:39 PM
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Former UFC featherweight champ Max "Blessed" Holloway recently offered an excellent question on his social network.

2/17/20 10:56 PM
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They should throw as many amateur and feeder league fights as they can over a week.

2/18/20 8:58 AM
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Punching power contest on those punching machines.

Contest for most innovative submission.

Most creative takedown.

Etc...I think Max is on to something.
2/18/20 9:51 AM
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Power punching contest is a great idea!

In the 70s there was a guy who declared himself the world boxing champion. He said boxing was too dangerous, and he judged it on how well you skipped rope, hit the speed ball, etc. It was sort of like karate kata.

You could make that a sort of MMA Crossfit - battle ropes, rope climbing, AirDyne, etc.

I really do think this idea has merit.

2/18/20 9:58 AM
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I like it. Maybe like the combine but for mma. 

2/18/20 10:39 AM
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Do they still do TUF?


Maybe have the TUF finale during fight week?


Maybe a UFC legends grappling tournament with $100K grand prize?



2/18/20 12:56 PM
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16 man celebrity grand prix's under k-1 and mma rules

2/21/20 10:07 AM
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2/21/20 12:13 PM
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I'd like to know who the fastest man in the UFC is. Bring back Darrell Green to emcee it.


It'd be fun to see some combine type stuff too. Most bench press reps at a given weight. NBA does 185 which would be perfect for LW and below and the NFL's 225 for WW and up.


They could do a relay race with each team being from the same camp or something too.


High jump, broad jump, vertical, it'd be fun until someone gets injured.


Broadcast on ESPN+ and with some tweaking make it an annual event.