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9/9/12 12:04 PM
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Alongside the great thread about Nordic MMA by the guys from MMAViking.com (link: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum_framed.frame&thread=1899586&page=1) I'd like to start a thread concerning news and updates from Germany's growing MMA scene. Maybe there are a few people who are interested in fighters and events from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as we already had four athletes competing in the UFC, one in Bellator FC and several in the various leagues from around the world (f.e. Cage Warriors, ProElite, KSW, OneFC and so on).

If you have any questions about our scene, feel free to ask.
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Yesterday there was an event in East Germany called Fight Night Merseburg 5. They had a one night, four men 185 lbs tournament, which underwent quite a few changes since its announcement.

23-year-old Polish shooting star Krzysztof Jotko took home the $3,000 prize money, improving his record to 12-0 in the process. In the finale, Jotko beat German MMA pioneer Martin Zawada by split decision.

In the semi-finals Jotko submitted German newcomer Fabian Loewke with an RNC in R2, while Zawada submitted A Random Georgian in R1 with his first Triangle Choke victory.

Here you can find a couple of pictures of the event: http://bit.ly/U35eFu
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Next up is an event by Superior FC, slated for September 15th in West Germany, featuring two superfights, the finals of their HW, WW and LW tournament as well as several semi-finals.

The first superfight is between two of German-speaking Europe's best lightweights, Nordin Asrih from Germany and Philipp Schranz from Vienna, Austria, who regularly trains with Wand Fight Team in Vegas.

Asrih has competed in five (!) different weight classes! After The Ultimate Fighter season 13, where he fought (and lost) for Team Lesnar, he decided to drop down to lightweight. Since then he went 2-0. Schranz is the current champion of Cage Fight Live , a young organization out of Denmark.

In the second superfight, German grappling monster Gregor Herb (BJJ brown belt, Judo black belt) will meet Polish BJJ ace Pawel Zalewski.
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Thanks guys, you're welcome.

Today Respect Fighting Championship (Respect.FC), Germany's premier MMA promotion, announced that they signed Poland's Krzysztof Jotko (12-0), who won the 4 men 185 lbs tournament on Saturday, to fight at their upcoming event Respect.8 in Wuppertal on September 22nd. His opponent will be Christian Eckerlin (7-2) from Frankfurt, currently Germany's no. 5 welterweight and also the no. 1 student of former M-1 Global lightweight champion Daniel Weichel.

Eckerlin was supposed to fight at Mix Fight Gala XIII in his home town on September 1st, but his opponent, German MMA pioneer Mario Stapel, canceled the fight because he passed out after the official weigh-ins and had to go to the hospital. Lots of bad blood afterwards between Stapel and Eckerlin's manager.

Speaking of Daniel Weichel (31-8), he was supposed to fight Respect.FC lightweight champion Cengiz Dana for the title at Respect.8, but Dana got injured on September 1st, when his Dutch opponent Victor Kuku went nuts and attacked him with illegal stomps (video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PX4ERlLtv3w). Weichel now faces Italian K-1 MAX veteran Saro Presti, who has an impressive MMA pro record of 1-0.
9/10/12 4:07 PM
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Yasubey Enomoto (9-4), a Swiss fighter with Japanese and Peruvian roots, is slated to fight at M-1 Challenge 34 in Moscow, Russia on September 30th. His opponent will be unbeaten Russian prospect Khusein Khaliev (5-0.

Enomoto took the M-1 Global welterweight title in December 2011, but lost in his first defense in March 2012. Before fighting for M-1, he competed in the Sengoku welterweight grand prix, where he beat Kenta Takagi and Taisuke Okuno in order to reach the finals, but in the finals he lost to UFC veteran Keita Nakamura.
9/16/12 4:23 PM
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UFC fighter Pascal Krauss (10-1) severely injured his ribs yesterday when he got hit by a huge knee in sparring. Unfortuantely his fight against Iceland's Gunnar Nelson at UFC on FUEL TV 5 in the UK had to be canceled.
9/16/12 4:27 PM
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19-year-old flyweight prospect Rany Saadeh (3-1) from Berlin fought Pietro Menga for the Ultimate Cage Championships European flyweight title in the UK on Friday. It was a tough battle which Menga won with an armbar in round three. Great fight by both guys. A borderline top ten guy like Menga might have come too early for the former Karateka.
9/16/12 4:34 PM
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Yesterday Superior Fighting Championship held their fourth tournament event of 2012. Most of the time the matchmaking is horrible, but when they let the managers put together some superfights for their guys, it's usually quite entertaining.

The Ultimate Fighter 13 veteran Nordin Asrih (18-6-1) beat Austria's no. 1 lightweight Philipp Schranz (12-7) by TKO because of a cut. Good standup battle between two of German-speaking Europe's best lightweights.

Germany's no. 1 middleweight Gregor Herb (13-5) won a close decision over Polish BJJ ace Pawel Zalewski.

Also, several very talendet prospects emerged victorious: Martin Buschkamp (5-0 with 5 RNC wins in R1), Dimitri Goette (3-0), Jessin Ayari (8-2), Azdren Thaqi (4-0) and David Zawada (7-0). Keep an eye on those guys, at least two of them have the potential to be in the UFC within the next few years.
9/16/12 4:51 PM
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funkjoker - UFC fighter Pascal Krauss (10-1) severely injured his ribs yesterday when he got hit by a huge knee in sparring. Unfortuantely his fight against Iceland's Gunnar Nelson at UFC on FUEL TV 5 in the UK had to be canceled.
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9/16/12 4:53 PM
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I was looking for a strong comeback from Strauss with a war with Gunnar. Phone Post
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9/16/12 5:15 PM
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BrCutter - 
funkjoker - UFC fighter Pascal Krauss (10-1) severely injured his ribs yesterday when he got hit by a huge knee in sparring. Unfortuantely his fight against Iceland's Gunnar Nelson at UFC on FUEL TV 5 in the UK had to be canceled.
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9/17/12 5:18 AM
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Yay, thank you so much for the blue. :)

Almost forgot, on Saturday 3 German fighters traveled to Denmark in order to fight Danish guys at European MMA's Casino Fight Night II in Copenhagen.

Unbeaten welterweight prospect Abus Magomedov (7-0) took home a unanimous decision victory over veteran fighter David Rosmon. Andre Schell (2-2) submitted Iwo Belak with an RNC in R2 and Max Coga (4-1) submitted Cazim Halimi with a Guillotine Choke in R1.

Watch out for Respect.FC 8 on September 22nd, Germany's premier MMA event featuring a heavyweight title fight and a middleweight title contender fight. Germany's no. 1 welterweight Ruben Crawford is going to make his lightweight debut, I have no idea how this guy's going to make 155 lbs. Plus, US fighter Hayward "Hybrid" Charles is on the card, he is a veteran of Legacy FC and XKO
9/17/12 5:21 AM
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Oh, and in case you didn't know, The Ultimate Fighter 16 cast member Igor Araujo (22-6), who's billed as from Albuquerque, NM has lived and trained in Geneva, Switzerland for the past six years. He was an integral part of Jon Jones' camp before his UFC title fight against Shogun. Araujo has phenomenal BJJ, but his striking, wrestling and cardio do need a lot of work. I think he'll lose his first fight on TUF, unfortunately.
9/23/12 3:19 PM
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Respect.8, the eighth event of Germany's premier MMA organization, is history.

In the main event, Respect.FC light heavyweight champion Marcin Naruszczka (who should fight at welterweight!) beat knockout machine Abu Azaitar in a no. 1 contender fight for the middleweight title. Azaitar knocked Naruszczka down four times within the first four minutes, but then Naruszczka came back, mounted him and almost got the RNC. The bell saved Azaitar. Then the doctor stopped the fight during the break because of a deep cut on Azaitar's nose. Great battle while it lasted, Naruszczka has an iron chin, unbelievable.

Respect.FC heavyweight champion Bjorn Schmiedeberg defended his title against Polish can crusher Szymon Bajor. Schmiedeberg looks like Roy Nelson but his nickname is "The Gazelle". Bajor, who should fight at 205 lbs, went for some kind of belly-to-back suplex (stupid!), but put his leg between Schmiedeberg's legs, which resulted in a kneebar. Horrible mistake by Bajor. Schmiedeberg trained in San Francisco for this fight, alongside former UFC fighter Carlos Eduard Rocha, who is a leglock specialist.

Former M-1 Global lightweight champion Daniel Weichel fought in Germany for the first time since 2010. He submitted Russia's Semen Tyrlya, who had no business being in the ring with him, in R1 with an RNC. Squash match.

The US guy Hayward "The Hybrid" Charles submitted his overmatched opponent in 55 seconds with an armbar.

Overall the undercard was pretty good, with only three out of seven fights going the distance.
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September 30th is an important date for German MMA. Two of our biggest stars, UFC veteran Peter Sobotta and Andreas Kraniotakes, are going to fight in a new event in Praha, Czech Republic.

Sobotta has gone 2-0-1 since being released from the UFC. Give him 1 or 2 more good wins and he'll be back in the Octagon for sure.

Kraniotakes fought Tim Sylvia in the main event of ProElite 2 in November of 2011 and he is also a former Cage Warriors heavyweight title contender.
10/2/12 4:55 PM
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what are some of the bigger gyms in Germany? rankings or top guys we should be on the lookout for?!?



10/3/12 6:23 AM
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Well, MMA Spirit in Frankfurt is the only "real" MMA gym that is comparable to the MMA gyms in the US. You can train all the different aspects of MMA, whether it's Boxing, Wrestling or Strength & Conditioning under one roof. German UFC fighters Dennis Siver and Pascal Krauss visit MMA Spirit on a regular basis, it's also the home gym of former M-1 champion Daniel Weichel.

MMA fighters from other cities have to travel around town, go to the Boxing club, the Wrestling club and then put it all together in their little MMA "gym". That's why German fighters already have a disadvantage to most international fighters.
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On Sunday, Germany's no. 1 heavyweight Andreas Kraniotakes beat Czech newcomer Lubos Rauser via RNC in R1 at the MMAA Arena debut event in Praha, Czech Republic to improve his record to 15-6. Peter Sobotta couldn't fight because of a lung infection.
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Germany's biggest and best MMA website GroundandPound.de was on location in Nottingham, England for UFC on Fuel TV 5. After the post-fight press conference Dana White told them, that the UFC is "definitely" (!) going to visit Germany again in 2013. Here's the link: http://www.groundandpound.de/allgemein/news/exklusiv-die-ufc-kommt-2013-zurueck-nach-deutschland/

Marshall Zelaznik and Gary Cook already had meetings in Germany last month. From what I heard, there's a pretty good chance that the UFC is going to get a television deal done with one of Germany's biggest TV channels. But 2013 is an important election year, so expect to at least three or four politicians to try and stop the UFC from holding an event in Germany, therefore protecting its citizens from this barbaric "sport".

10/3/12 6:44 AM
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So let's have a look at some of the guys that have the potential to get signed for the German UFC event in 2013:

- Peter Sobotta (10-4-1, 10 finishes), welterweight, BJJ brown belt under Dean Lister, already fought in the UFC 3 times, but was simply to young and inexperienced when he first got the call to fight in the Octagon. Now his mental game has improved by leaps and bounds. His top students are three of Germany's best U23 talents, but 2013 comes way too soon for them.

- Alan Omer (17-3, 15 finishes), featherweight, former BAMMA champion, BJJ purple belt, fastest hands in Germany, way faster than Dennis Siver. Great standup, dangerous Guard (submitted last opponent with an Omoplata), international experience. He was supposed to compete on TUF 15, but had to get nose surgery and wouldn't have been medically cleared by then.

- Nordin Asrih (18-6-1, 17 finishes), TUF 11 contestant, has dropped down to lightweight since the show with a record of 3-0, good boxer and good grappler, lacks wrestling skills, which are essential in the UFC's lightweight division.

- Andreas Kraniotakes (15-6, 15 finishes), Germany's best heavyweight, probably the most popular fighter outside the German UFC fighters, has fought all over Europe, was in a ProElite main event against Tim Sylvia, awesome ambassador for MMA in Germany, has been in a lot of TV shows promoting the sport.

- Daniel Weichel (29-8, 22 finishes) and Jonas Billstein (10-2, 9 finishes) would be good choices, too, but I doubt they can get out of their M-1 Global or Bellator FC contracts. That's why you don't sign with these companies, when you want to make it in the UFC, guys!

If the UFC would sign anyone besides these guys, I would consider it a huge mistake. There are other good fighters, but they are not ready for the UFC just yet.
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It's a little bit early, but on November 10th, there's going to be an OLD SCHOOL EIGHT MEN TOURNAMENT at the Casino Fight Night III in Erfurt. There are no time limits, no judges, you can only win by knockout, submission or TKO! Their first old school tournament was won by Poland's Piotr Hallmann. Yesterday they announced that Peter Sobotta is going to participate! If he wins this tournament, he's going to be 5-0-1 since being released from the UFC.