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4/11/13 3:53 PM
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Hey guys. After a long tenure with TapouT, and CageSide Live before that (7+ years in total), we've branched off from the TapouT name. There isn't any scandalous story here. The GoDaddy servers that I've been paying an obscene amount of money for over the last 2 years since TapouT got sold to ABG, corrupted the hard drives, and basically, the site content was lost. I took it as a sign that it was time to move on, so I've got a new site, a new radio show (still with Evan Shoman, my sort of hetero, but non conjugal life partner), and a whole new gameplan. The site isn't completely done yet, but it is finished enough to unveil to my buddies here. Check it out, and tell me what ya think:



Also, please like our fanpage, as I've got some good stuff I routinely give away. Later today, I'll be giving away a few 1 lb bags of some expensive, gourmet coffee from http://www.coffeebeandirect.com/


Here's the link to the fanpage:


4/11/13 4:08 PM
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Say what Phone Post
4/11/13 4:10 PM
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Good luck Steph Phone Post 3.0
4/11/13 4:10 PM
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Damn that suck about tapout site. At least you got a new site up and running, looking forward to reading it Phone Post 3.0
4/11/13 4:12 PM
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you'll always be special to me n mine, Crooklyn.

keep on truckin

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FCFBlazer - Good luck Steph Phone Post 3.0

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

4/11/13 4:15 PM
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I like this one

4/11/13 4:15 PM
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You guys rock! Voted up everyone in the thread :)

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Good luck Phone Post 3.0
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I dig it. Sentinel Phone Post 3.0
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Good luck Steph. Phone Post
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Good luck with the new site.
4/11/13 4:22 PM
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4/11/13 4:22 PM
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Much luck with your new venture Crooklyn!
4/11/13 4:22 PM
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You've got my support. 

4/11/13 4:26 PM
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Love ya Crook. Good luck in anything u do. Phone Post 3.0
4/11/13 4:26 PM
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Good luck Crooklyn!

You've got the UG's support! :) Phone Post
4/11/13 4:28 PM
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Congrats and good luck Crooklyn.. I'm acually very proud of you

4/11/13 4:28 PM
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Thanks so much everyone, and to Kirik for sticking this thread. We had our first show last night, and had a pretty full chatroom and 238 listeners. It's not much, but considering that I didn't have any of the TapouT traffic redirecting (ABG tech people have not replied to my requests at all, and they owned the domain name for TapouT Radio) to the new site, I'd say it was a pretty successful night for the show.

We have a brand new chat room that runs super well and allows for media to be shared and posted within. It's a pretty nice setup, and I hope that you guys will come and check us out. We have refined the show to be much more professional than our previous versions. Over the last couple years we finally hit our stride and have been turning out a pretty good product.

4/11/13 4:28 PM
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XIII - Good luck with the new site.
. Phone Post 3.0
4/11/13 4:30 PM
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and for a TTT.. one of my favorite songs EVA

4/11/13 4:36 PM
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Crooklyn -

You guys rock! Voted up everyone in the thread :)

Very first time I've seen a green arrow next my name

*tears up Phone Post
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Good luck :)
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Liked! Phone Post
4/11/13 4:41 PM
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Good luck.
Seems odd that a server crashing is what led you to leaving such a long partnership ... I am assuming that you are just being polite about that, but folks here will want to know and will fill in the blanks with alot of crazy shit, might want to get in front pf that.

Seriously tho, good luck! We may have argued a few times years ago but i have never had any real problem with you, i used to like to argue for no reason, lol... you have done alot for the sport, the athletes, & the fans. I am sure you will rapidly build your new venture and maybe even enjoy it more than before! Phone Post