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11/17/12 11:37 PM
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Why hadn't Joe been doing any post fight interviews?

Time constraints or because the fights have been somewhat lackluster?

It seems like an unofficial trend that when its a lackluster fight Joe is told to hold off on the post fight interview. Phone Post
11/17/12 11:39 PM
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Yeah this is weird, there were some in the Prelims too

11/17/12 11:40 PM
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Strange Phone Post
11/17/12 11:41 PM
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It's a good thing they haven't been doing it with every fight going the distance. They could butt up against the end of the time slot.

11/17/12 11:54 PM
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Possibly time constraints but they have done post fights for cards full of decisions before. Hendricks getting the interview seems to bolster the no interview for lackluster fights theory. Phone Post
11/18/12 2:28 AM
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Did the fx Prelims get post fight interviews? Phone Post