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11/8/12 11:23 PM
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I've made a bunch of threads in the past, but figured I could make things easier to follow and "spam" a little less by keeping it in this one thread. Last January, I grew tired of horrible coverage of Amateur Wrestling in Canada and started my own FloWrestling-like venture. In 10 months, I've filmed, digitized and uploaded over 3000 matches and technique videos. This is my first full season of filming, with 2 events already filmed and uploaded. I more or less do all the work myself (with the help of filming volunteers).

I have far more than just Canadian content, and many of my videos have been featured on USA Wrestling, Flo Wrestling and FILA. In fact, one of my highlight videos is the top post on the FILA website right now. Everything is organized by playlists on my YouTube Channel and are easily viewed on the website itself. If you are a wrestler, enjoy the sport, or simply want to view some of the technique, please check out my site (all free of charge). I will update this thread when new content is uploaded. I am always looking for sponsorship for events, as everything is out of my own pocket. Please check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks!

49 North Wrestling

49 North Wrestling YouTube Channel

49 North Wrestling Twitter

49 North Wrestling Facebook Fan Page

11/8/12 11:25 PM
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90+ matches from the 2012 McMaster Invitational (McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)


11/8/12 11:27 PM
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100 matches from the 2012 Concordia Invitational (Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada). Video above is Kid Yamamoto's sister (3-time World Champion) who coaches at York University in Toronto.


11/8/12 11:33 PM
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55 kg at the 2012 Women's World Championships. Saori Yoshida wins her 13th consectutive World/Olympic title (a record regardless of gender).

I have all the weight classes sorted by individual playlists on the site.


11/8/12 11:39 PM
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Every match from the 2012 Canada Cup, featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Jake Varner and other members of the American, Cuban and Canadian Olympic Teams


11/8/12 11:56 PM
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11/9/12 12:08 AM
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1987 Senior World Championships 57 kg featuring Soviet legend Sergei Beloglazov and American Barry Davis. Again, most weight classes sorted into playlists on the site.


11/9/12 12:46 AM
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1990 Senior Greco-Roman World Championships 130 kg featuring the man, the myth, the legend KARELIN! and American Matt Ghaffari!


11/9/12 7:42 AM
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Live webcast today starting at 11 am Eastern of the NYAC Holiday Open Women's and Greco divisions, courtesy of our friends at USA Wrestling! All 3 mats are embedded directly on into the post!

NYAC Webcast Link

11/9/12 8:35 AM
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Thanks for the support Kirik! Webcast of NYAC starts in 40 minutes!

11/9/12 11:02 AM
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Results and Brackets from NYAC! Men's Freestyle tomorrow is STACKED!

NYAC Results & Brackets



11/9/12 7:54 PM
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Kurt Angle at the 1988 Espoir World Cup. 1996 Olympic Champ Kendall Cross was also on the team that year.

1998 Espoir World Cup

11/9/12 9:21 PM
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Link to all 3 webcasted mats for men's freestyle tomorrow at the NYAC Holiday International! Begins at 11 am Eastern!
11/12/12 8:15 PM
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All 5 Matches featuring 2001 World Champion Gia Sissaouri of Canada. You may recall Gia as a guest coach on Team GSP on The Ultimate Fighter!

Gia Sissaouri's Road To Gold In 2001

11/14/12 1:38 AM
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I kinda think Joe Williams got screwed at the end with the throw.......either way......SAITIEV!

11/14/12 5:55 AM
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have you got any good technique vids or is that not really your thing?
11/14/12 7:43 AM
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17 technique videos featuring 2012 74 kg Canadian Senior National Champion and Olympic Alternate Chris Prickett. 

Chris Prickett Technique Session

11/14/12 7:47 AM
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10 videos of fundamental escapes and counter attacks technique session featuring 2008 60 kg Olympian Saeed Azarbayjani

Saeed Azarbayjani Technique Session

11/14/12 11:48 AM
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More Saitiev from 2001

11/14/12 12:35 PM
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11/14/12 12:43 PM
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Canadian juvenille and cadet wrestling Nationals will be in Saskatoon this year (April 2013)
Will you be attending and taping? curious, because I am helping out the committee organizing the event.
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bravo13 - Canadian juvenille and cadet wrestling Nationals will be in Saskatoon this year (April 2013)
Will you be attending and taping? curious, because I am helping out the committee organizing the event.


I am the age group coach for London-Western, so I'll definitely be there (with Saeed most likely). I'll bring the cameras along, but I may need to find volunteers to assist.