UnderGround Forums Official "#FranksFight" pic thread! (NKTKDace)

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If you don't know what #FranksFight is, find out by reading about it at http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&forum=1&thread=2062765&page=1

or http://jmsmith.org/blog/franks-fight

The short version:

  • UG member UGCTT_NKTKDace (Frank) is battling cancer
  • UG has been rallying to support and encourage him
  • We started a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #FranksFight asking fighters to post pics with notes of encouragement for Frank.
  • UFC/Strikeforce/Invicta MMA fighters responded in droves!

Below are the pics so far, which Frank's wife Wendy (aka. "Luvdcuties" here on the UG) has been collecting and posting on Frank's Fight Facebook album.


UPDATE: We've just gotten word that Frank & Wendy are facing a much larger financial hurdle than previously expected. Please Donate Directly Here to help Frank in his fight and show some love from the UG community to a member who's been an inspiration to so many here! 


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Gd stuff Dojo!! Phone Post
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Keep on fighting!

TTT for NKTKDace/Frank, and everyone who's helped along the way.

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(Renzo tweeted from Cancun during Gracie Adventure Camp...)


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Everyone should tweet a link to this thread to Rogan and ask for him to speak briefly on the podcast. Phone Post
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(Note Anthony Bourdain's wife Ottavia's shirt...  Ottavia is a Renzo Gracie blue belt, btw!)


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Ttt! Phone Post
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And here are some UGers who've helped Frank's Fight by buying a shirt...

UGCTT_Captain America

superCalo himself...

the Geek



ShoeMoney Media


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I just read about it on his franksfight facebook page. That's a tough hit to take. I wish I could afford to donate more right now but I'll do a few Facebook shares when I get home on the computer. Don't forget that Kirik is giving away free blue names for a donation of $30 or more too. Phone Post
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WOw.  I can't even comprehend the amount of awesome in this thread.  Good stuff!

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Bourdain and his wife are awsome!!!

Team Fat Kid!!! Phone Post
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Yes, free blue names for the first 15 people who donate $30 or more! Message Kirik with your receipt!

Also, if you're on Twitter, here's an example of what you can tweet to various fighters, promoters or other celebs you follow:


"@___ can u post a pic w/ a note for a fan w/ cancer? #FranksFight http://tinyurl.com/9o972yh


The shortened link above is a link to this thread. You can also use "http://www.facebook.com/franksfight" which takes them to Frank's Fight Facebook page.

Lastly, if you follow any of these figthers on Twitter, send them a quick note of appreciation with the hashtag so that all their followers will see it and word will better spread. Here's an example tweet:


"@___ Thanks for supporting #FranksFight and putting a smile on his face!!"



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Based on this new thread, I'll match the next $45 donation.

Why $45?

Isn't that the price of a ppv?

Seems fitting! Just post proof of your donation here. Phone Post
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RdotC -  Based on this new thread, I'll match the next $45 donation.

Why $45?

Isn't that the price of a ppv?

Seems fitting! Just post proof of your donation here. Phone Post

Voted up, sir!

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If a member does get a cool photo sent in, make sure to post in my thread where the 5 best picture submissions are winning that superCalo t-shirt autographed by Carwin and Uncle Creepy:



Also, if you donate directly 30$ or more Kirik has agreed to give you a Blue Name for a year (up to 15 people with only 2 already done)....so PLEASE PM me with an image of the donation so I can track them all for Kirik!!!!!

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Oh, are they supposed to message Kirik? One guy PMed me....

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This is the kind of thing that makes this sport fucking amazing.  All those fighters are amazing people for taking the time out of there day for this.  As soon as I get re-employed I'm buying a shirt + making a donation.

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Holy fuck! So many cool ass pictures. Amazing job by all the people involved!!
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I'm not sure who they PM, LnPninja. Kirik probably gets a ton of PMs, so it might be better for you to track the 15 who give and then let him know. But that's just a guess. You'll have to ask the Mayor himself for the authoritative answer! 

Keep tweeting and letting others know about this thread and the contest thread LnPninja posted above.

There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to get Dana, Lorenzo, Joe Rogan, etc. to post a pic (and hopefully make a donation, as Frank could REALLY use some financial help right now!)


Also, any UG folks in Boston, see the latest update on the Frank's Fight Facebook page. They need some housing help in Beantown. Surely someone here has connections through Sityodtang or Dana who can help.